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Doodle Booth [iOS]

App Name: Doodle Booth [iOS] Cost: Free Developer: Underplot Ltd. App Market: Download Page Description: With this fun application you can add doodle stickers to your photos and captions and they’ll look like if you’ve drawn them over yourself with a real pen! Doodle Booth is completely compatible with the ...

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Knowbody Knows [iOS]

App Name: Knowbody Knows [iOS] Cost: Free Developer: Jeff Wilcox App Market: Download Page Description: Every question is about someone in the group playing, and can be personalized to fit the group’s personality. How much does Jim spend on (coffee, taxis, beer, Cubs tickets, etc.)? Knowbody Knows the answers, but ...

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Tiger Alarm! [Android]

App Name: Tiger Alarm! [Android] Cost: Free Developer: Magic Int. App Market: Download Page Description: Tiger tops WWF’s list of ten critically endangered species. But there is still hope. We can save wild tigers! “Tiger Alarm!” app is created to raise awareness about tiger poaching. It’s an alarm clock featuring adorable ...

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