Most North Americans, including Canadians, prefer iPhones to Android. These reliable and sleek smartphones are not only useful when making calls and snapping pictures but there are tons of cool apps that one can use on them. The App Store lists 2 million titles and even though the review score is visible it is hard to decide which apps are best. Whether you are interested in fitness, language learning, music or games there is a wide selection available. Check out our list for inspiration.

We talked about the best iPhone apps ever with Canadian blogger Michelle Thomas. Michelle (read more about her here) is an expert in online gaming and she mentioned a couple of great gaming apps.

Alto’s Odyssey

If you like playing skiing games in Canada on your phone Alto’s Odyssey is a must. The game can be purchased at $4.99 and it is a follow-up of the popular Alto’s Adventure game. You can experience breathtaking colours and visuals as you are skiing, completing goals and collecting coins. Players can even earn upgrades along the journey.

All Slots Casino

Those gamers who like to take gaming to the next level and wager some real money will find that All Slots Casino Canada has a great free app on offer. This great Canadian online casino app offers games such as video slots – and among them fruit games – table games like roulette and blackjack as well as video poker and bingo.


This great language learning app comes free from the App Store. You can upgrade to the paid version if you want an ad-free experience but even with the free version, you can get great results. If you are interested in learning Spanish or Portuguese keep in mind that it is the Mexican Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese versions of the language you will be learning.


When you google things, you might not always get true and accurate information. Put your searches on the next level by using this mobile encyclopedia. The app is completely free in Canada and the search results typically come up faster than in other search engines.


For fitness fans, MyFitnessPal is one of the best iPhone apps free but for ad-free use, you will have to pay $9.99 per month which is a bit steep. The app uses your phone’s location data and it can track your exercises. It also features a calorie counter and a food and nutrition database that can help you count those calories.

Google Translate

This app is a must for your next trip abroad if in your destination people don’t speak English. You can set the source and the target languages and you can type in the phrase you would like to translate. The program can even translate complete sentences you say out loud, translates them and says them out loud in the foreign target language which makes it very easy to communicate in countries like Japan or Vietnam where normally people don’t speak English or French. The app also features a camera function. Turn it on, hover the camera over the restaurant’s menu and voilà you will see the English translation on your screen.


Viber is one of the must-have apps iPhones in Canada users should download. With this free communication app, you can call other Viber users, make video chats and can even make calls to standard phones for free. You will be able to transfer phone calls from mobile to desktop or vice versa. You don’t need to use a phone number in order to use Viber and still all the communication is encrypted.


This is one of the most popular iPhone apps in Canada. If you enjoy podcast you must have Downcast. At $2.99 this app has a great interface and downloading options. The podcast checker feature will regularly check for new episodes or you can set certain locations where the check function will start.


Starting at $8.99 per month Netflix is one of the most popular streaming sites featuring thousands of movies and series, including Netflix original ones. You can download movies and episodes for offline use so you can watch them even when you are without an internet connection.


There are great apps out there for practically any hobby or interest; for learning or work use. Check the review score and how many people downloaded a certain app for the indication of usability and value.

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