How to Boost Your Workflow with E-Signature Solutions

Nowadays, a lot of companies transfer the entire document workflow to the digital format. The primary benefits of digitized data storage are simplicity of use, accessibility, and top-notch security. Electronic scripts have unbeaten advantages above the ‘old-schooled’ paper documents. E-signature is an integral element of efficient document workflow. 

SignNow is one of the leaders in this niche. The company provides e-signature solutions for experts in different business areas by developing a unique algorithm of digitized document signing (with the possibility to sign PDF being not an exception) according to the highest security standards. What are the benefits of integrating the SignNow solutions for business owners? The guide below enlightens the major aspects.


Benefits of E-signature Solutions by SignNow

The paramount advantages of the electronic signature for business processes are:

Lightning speed

Not so long time ago, companies could spend weeks or even months to proceed with documentation. One paper could require signatures of several people from different departments (often working in different cities) before it got an approval on the highest level. Such a sluggish signing process could significantly hurt the entire team’s work, especially ahead of the deadline. Thanks to the SignNow e-signature integration, companies can boost their operational productivity. They can sign all types of documents in one click without even leaving the office.

 Top-notch security

The unbeaten benefit of the electronic signature is a zero fake probability. While the manual signature is easy to forge, the digital one is identified by the authenticate endorsers only. SignNow developed a large-scale algorithm that verifies a signer’s identity. It means that unrelated parties will never interrupt your business processes or damage your company’s good reputation.


Enhanced customer experience

An effective internal workflow is not the only thing that detects industry leaders. The secret of any successful business is ensuring a favorable customer experience. By implementing the SignNow solutions, companies can build a bridge between them and their clients. The dominant share of customers chooses online services because people prefer to deal with brands that value their time. Signing deals in the online format is becoming more popular nowadays. Moreover, it allows organizations to expand their user bases with more loyal customers.

Free trial

Another benefit of cooperation with SignNow is that new clients can test their e-signature solutions for free during a trial period. All they have to do is to create an account on the company’s official website. In addition to drawing the electronic signature that meets the customer requirements, SignNow clients can check other products, like robotic process automation, contract management, etc. 


Expert assistance

SignNow provides expert assistance in e-signing at all stages. The company’s clients may count on the experts’ help in drawing a signature or adding a wet ink mark among others. The in-depth FAQ section covers all aspects related to security measures and enlightens digital signatures’ legality in different business areas.  


SignNow e-signing solutions are available for clients in the handy mobile format. The company’s app is compatible with all mobile devices. It’s a perfect option for business owners to proceed with deals even on-the-go and stay connected to their teammates and customers around the clock.

Why It Is Important to Automate Signing Workflow

In the era of the technologies and Internet boost, companies’ golden rule is to move with the times. Automation of workflow is an inseparable part of the successful business running. According to the SignNow statistics, their e-signing solutions are widely used in various industries, including:

  • Finance 
  • Healthcare
  • Real estate
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Government

The workflow automation via the e-signature integration can help manage documents by signing them online. By using different SAAS services, teammates can share docs in the virtual cloud and collaborate with their colleagues 24/7 in the most suitable way. E-signing made a breakthrough in speeding up the process of the document transaction. By incorporating e-signature, companies can reduce the time spent waiting when a recipient prints a document, signs it manually, scans, and sends it back. 

The cost-effectiveness of the e-signing solutions allows business owners to eliminate expenses on paper and shipping charges. Instead, they can spend precious time on other tasks. Even the hiring process can become more easy-going when candidates can sign all necessary papers online and send them to employees. Digital technologies minimize the possibility of confidential data loss and keep the documents well-organized.


Workflow automation has also proved its efficiency in healthcare. E-signing can save patients from the necessity of waiting in lines in the hospital to fill the required forms. They can do it online because the majority of medical institutions accept e-signatures for the patients’ convenience. Moreover, physicians can proceed with e-signed prescriptions protected by the SSL encryption according to the highest HIPPA standards.

The best part about workflow automation is that users can track the documents’ entire history. In a couple of clicks, they can see who signed the document before and at what stage the script is now. Users can set up notifications to know when the document is signed if they don’t want to check the inbox all the time.  Moreover, they can send the invites to notify recipients that someone is waiting for their electronic signatures. 

Prospects of the E-signature Solutions

Technologies have deeply rooted in our daily routine. People keep searching for brand new methods to solve multiple tasks in the most time-saving and cost-effective way. E-signature is an evident proof of how technologies make our lives easier. Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, business owners have to adjust to the new conditions of running their companies. E-signing can save numerous organizations from severe money losses during the global pandemic. 

The integration of e-signature solutions gives companies excellent prospects to enhance their internal processes and improve customer experience.  More and more global organizations choose e-signing for workflow maximization. Speed, flexibility, and security are the top-3 reasons why industry leaders select top-notch SignNow products.