There is no question that mobile devices are ideal for online casino games, as most gambling operators have shifted to smartphones and tablets. Some players try to figure out how which of these gadgets is better for playing the games, as each have their advantages and shortcomings. The other question that is on the minds of many players is whether to choose an iOS or Android powered device. Based on this decision, people usually help themselves to an iPhone or Samsung gadget, so the question is important.

Security and reliability motivate iOS users

There are many reasons why people prefer Apple devices, in spite of the hefty price tag. In addition to the fact that their phones and tablets are great-looking, they also run smoothly and are known for security. The upside of using proprietary OS is self evident, as the Cupertino company is in complete control of the software. The applications, however, are developed by third parties, under the ever watchful eye of the company that goes to great lengths to protect its App Store.

Security and reliability come at a price though, as the number of applications for smartphones created by Apple are less numerous. If you choose to gamble on iPhone, you will have access to fewer apps, although this isn’t a serious problem for casino fans as there are casino & roulette sites like PlayUK who offer world class security. The vast majority of the online gambling operators that promote mobile gaming have their dedicated apps that can be downloaded from the official website. This means that players don’t even have to go to the Apple App Store to download and install software.

Apple is very concerned about the prospect of dishonest software developers making their way to the App Store. Those who own an iPhone or an iPad are less likely to stumble upon bogus apps that do more harm than good. If you’re willing to settle for a smaller variety of applications in general and fewer gaming options in particular, this secure ecosystem is easy to recommend. In recent years, the most important companies have acknowledged the importance of paying the attention that iOS users deserve.

Treat yourself to a profusion of gaming apps

Android users can consider themselves lucky to use the most popular operating system in the world. There are significantly more people who rely on this OS, so not surprisingly, there are also more developers catering to this ecosystem. Small and large companies produce applications that are released privately, but most of them are also promoted on Google play. Online casinos have plenty of worthy options for Android users and these apps are available for free on the website.

One of the main concerns for those who choose Samsung smartphones is that they might end up downloading harmful software. Cyber criminals are more interested in exploiting the security gaps existing in the Android operating system. The advantage of acquiring the software from the official website is that you mitigate the risks of downloading and installing of a fake gaming app.