Are you planning to host a party and have your family and friends come around for some serious fun? Then you would want to learn of the best ways to make it fun and enjoyable for everyone because the last thing you want is to have any dull period of time. That’s what party games do. Thankfully, these days, you don’t have to think too hard about cooking up a game for your party especially poker games where using Party poker bonus code has been guilty of it for years: giving players better bonuses depending on where they come from.

We compiled a list of 5 best party game apps that can help you hold a fun party, such as popular video games, team games, and more.


It’s a team game suited to play with friends and family where everyone needs to co-ordinate with each other, yell instructions on pressing a button or just do it themselves. It gives each player a unique control panel to prevent your spaceship from exploding as long as possible. The catch is
the instructions you need to carry out are sent to your teammates while acting on instructions, it’s chaotic, it’s loud and it’s a lot of fun. And more importantly, this is a cross-platform game meaning iOS and Android owners can play together.

Heads Up

Heads Up is one of the old party game but now you can play it on your android powered smartphone. In fact, you only need one android smartphone to play it too. The basic ground remains the same, however, the pace is accelerated here. A category will be chosen and based on that words or phrases will pop on the screen, one person will place the phone on his/her forehead and try and guess the word based on friends’ clues and gestures.


Based on the classic game, this is a digital interpretation that entertains and at the same time educates. Scrabble allows friends and family members to take turns in building words. The goal is to earn points and come the best. Highly interactive, this game is best played on a tablet device. It has been developed for the Android platform. Moreover, the game has been shown to elicit interest in words for little kids. The digital version brings fun and camaraderie thanks to animation, visual effects, and celebrations for winners.

Quiz Up

Created to be an exceedingly entertaining trivia game, this one can keep your friends and family occupied and entertained for a long time. It enables you and your folks to ask and answer questions covering a wide range of topics. The game is made even more entertaining by theme music, animations, descriptions, and images. Quiz Up has impressed audiences all over the world and it is bound to do the same in your horn.

Reverse Charades

This is a slightly different version of the game Heads-Up game that we’ve mentioned in this article. Here teams pick quick rounds of 30 to 90 seconds and try to guess as many words as possible at that time. That makes it a fast pace game and works better for large groups. Reverse Charades is an interesting take on an all-time party favorite.