Mobile gaming especially on the Android platform (as there are tons of free games available on the Android Play store) is the best way to pass your time and also help reduce stress and refresh you. Gone are the days when people relied on gaming consoles for playing even 2D titles the same in case of iGaming, websites like Neveda online poker changed the perspective and style. Android gaming industry growing very fast nowadays so there are many android games available on play store but what are the best android games for free? Let’s find out. Today we’re looking at the top 5 free games on the Android platform.

Alto’s Odyssey

If you liked Alto’s Adventure, you’ll love Alto’s Odyssey. Just like the original, your goal is to ride for as long as possible while avoiding rocks, completing tasks and racking up high scores with a mixture of back flips and death-defying grinds. Odyssey introduces a new move, wall rides, that serve as both a gnarly trick and traversal mechanic for reaching higher lines.


PUBG is a true PC gaming experience on Android. All the features of PUBG are available in the mobile version of the app. It has set the bar for mobile games and is far superior to anything else in its category. PUBG is a battle royal game that is totally free to play. There are custom skins available to buy within the game, but you cannot pay money to improve your chances in a match. This means that even players who do not spend any money, stand just as much of a chance of winning as those that do. PUBG is not only the best free game on the Play store, it’s the best Android game available in 2019 by far.

Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9 is one of the most popular cars racing game that you can play on your android smart phone. It is these quel of the immensely popular racing game Asphalt 8.Asphalt 9 has an extensive collection of cars from renowned car manufacturers like Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, and W Motors. You can experience and drive these cars in spectacular locations. It offers around 60 seasons and 800 events and the list is still growing.

Monument Valley

Both Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2 deserve a spot on this list. These two casual puzzle games have a unique and truly jaw-dropping art. The visuals are also tied to the game play, which revolves around twisting and turning geometrically-impossible structures. It’s a clever concept that slowly ramps up in difficulty with a subtle, dialog-free storyline and soothing soundtracks. You can complete each game in a single sitting — perfect for a long train ride or evening tucked up in bed.

Overkill 3

If you’re looking for a simple shoot-em-up, where you can customize the difficulty of the game play, Overkill 3 is the offline shooting game you need for Android. The game play is mixed with related cut scenes to help set the story. The high-quality graphics make this game a stunning option for users who enjoy a console-like experience on their mobile devices. One neat feature of Overkill 3 is being able to select how difficult the game play is when you start the game.