Software-defined wide area networking is one of the most important networking technologies currently available to businesses for enterprise applications. A wide area network can be used to link all the different branches of a business, enabling them to behave as if they were on the same network despite being separated by great distances.

There are a number of benefits to utilizing SD-WAN, not all of which are immediately obvious. Below are some of the key advantages that SD-Wan offers to enterprise customers. If you are on the fence over whether to introduce SD-Wan to your business, these hidden benefits should be enough to convince you that it is worth it.

Consumer-grade Simplicity for Enterprise Technology

In the past, it was generally accepted that any consumer technology needs to be so simple that it cannot possibly also be as powerful as enterprise software. Meanwhile, enterprise software has much greater capabilities than consumer technology does but is incredibly complex to use, often requiring a dedicated support team.

SD-Wan represents a paradigm shift and shows that it is perfectly possible to marry the simplicity of a consumer interface with the complexity, power and capabilities of enterprise technology. The flexibility that it brings to businesses is very similar to that offered by the cloud. It offers this in a simple package that can enhance efficiency in a business in a way that the usual cloud technologies can’t.

5G Revolution

5G networks are now slowly beginning to be switched on around the world. 5G will offer data speeds and bandwidth that would have been unthinkable until recently. Anyone old enough to remember that transition from WAP to 2G to 3G and to 4G will know that each iteration represented a significant step over what came before it, 5G will be no different.

SD-Wan will provide a synergistic effect when paired with 5G capabilities, meaning that establishing these capabilities should be one of the top priorities for businesses of all types. With 5G and SD-Wan working together, the different parts of your business will be able to exchange information and data in a way that would be impossible otherwise.

SD-Wan vs MPLS

Ultimately, SD-Wan is designed to provide businesses with a cloud-based WAN connection that offers speed, security and reliability. Another way of achieving this is through Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). The debate of SD WAN vs MPLS has raged on for some time; Masergy has lots of really useful information about this, check out their website for more.

Unlike MPLS, SD-Wan doesn’t include any form of bandwidth penalty. SD-Wan remains the most cost-effective way of mixing different types of network link according to their priority. It can also sort network links according to content, ensuring optimal performance for you and your customers at all times.

SD-Wan remains one of the best solutions out there for any enterprise customer who is looking for a way of a fast and reliable cloud-based network that can be used to connect all the different parts of their business together. In doing so, businesses can harness the full potential of their workers.