Nostalgia is one word that comes into mind when describing old game applications. All the thoughts converge on that one game that you used to play and how much fun it was. What you will like about it most is what comes second. Then the differences between the old games and the newly designed gaming applications stand out, and you are left to wonder. ‘Where are classics now?” Here is a list of old gaming apps that you wouldn’t think, are back in the market.


It can be described as one of the oldest casino games. It has been played for many years and still is entertaining and enjoyable. This game has been developed as an application. You can now play blackjack at the comfort of your own home with your iPhone, iPad, or android enabled phone application. These applications are reviewed, rated, and even tested in terms of performance, player numbers, and interest rates as set by the player and game variations, among others.

Old Timer Slot

Are you in the search for casino old games? Try out the old timer slot machine application on your phone, laptop, or the real thing in a casino. The game is quite old as many other slot machine games in casinos. However, these come as a full package. It has the ancient fruit symbols termed as three reeled slot machines with five pay lines. If you are lucky enough to arrange similar types of fruits in the same line with the right combination, then you win cash as your prize.

The game even though old, still garners a lot of popularity. This is due to the fact that it is simple to play, and the rules are easy to understand. Furthermore, it is a lucrative way to spend your relaxation period. Many other slot machines work in the same principle. However, if looking for a classic, this is it.


If told that roulette has been played for centuries, many would say no to that fact. However, this is true. Roulette has been played since the 17th century. It originates from the Chinese conspiracy and has doubled over and is still on the casino tables today. According to many different roulette game reviews, it still retains the popularity and charm it held for many years.

Today, the game comes in fashionable casino wheels, polished such that it shines to the eye. Besides, it has gained an edge through online players who can do what they like and are not limited by the casino house edges online. It can even be found online as an application enticing you to download and play it. To top it all, the game has gained no complications, and the rules are still the same. It requires no strategy, and all you need is proper knowledge in mathematics and a lot of luck on your side.


Continuously played on the floors of brick casinos, it hasn’t gained a lot of popularity as an application. Today, the variety of dice gaming applications and variations of the same have increased. The game has now made a massive comeback with millions of players playing the different versions of dice games. It has added to the entertainment that is associated with casino games and taken it to a higher level.


Game reviews have continued to hit the internet with websites being rated. The history associated with the games and when they were first played is a vital phenomenon when discussing old games and old gaming applications. With the information at hand, you can continue enjoying these old games as you wish!