What is the #1 things most everyone uses their phone or tablet for? Social media of course.

Today I am talking with SooNet the folks behind RankOut, a new social networking app for iOS devices.

There are tons of social networking apps out there right now so the question is which one is right for you. That is a question only you can answer. Today I decided to do something a bit different – instead of me telling you about an app, I will let the developer tell you about it.

Q. Thanks for the time today, so tell us a little about your company.

A. SooNet was started out because of our frustration with other social medias. We were tired of loosing our privacy and tired of seeing the same social media with the same stuff implemented only in a different way.  We believe in creating products that take care of our users’ privacy and let’s them interact in a new way.

Q. How did RankOut come about?

A. We wanted to create a platform where its a challenge everyday; where you are rewarded for doing almost anything.  Also we wanted to follow our belief of creating a product that focuses on  users privacy.  With the ranking aspect of the app, it is a challenge everyday. You may gain points today and loose the next day

Q. How is your social media app different from all of the others currently available?

A.  As was mentioned previously, this app implements a new ranking system. For example, liking a picture increases your rank, however, it you unlike it then it will decrease your rank. So, its a huge challenge to maintain your rank. The rank is implemented in almost everything on the app.

To stress competition in the app, are there prizes, etc what are the advantages of “winning.” If you managed to get the top ranks then you will be featured on the top people section on the app (wall of fame).

Q. What is your current user base like (numbers, location)?

A. We have anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 current users with most  from the United States. This is not too bad, since the app launched in July 2018.

Q. Do you need to have your friends on this or can you make new ones on the app?

A On the app, there are two different things; there are friends and there are squad members. Friends are people you add on your friends list, while squads are people you can tag from your friend list. You can have up to 10 squad members.

Q. Currently on iOS only, plans to come to Android?

A. We are looking to have it on android around June 2019.


Thanks again to Soonet for the time today. RankOut does give its users a different angle on social media and gives them a reason to log in each day. Everyone loves a challenge and wants to be the best. RankOut gives you the ability to do that so simply just hang out. They have a very good database of users so far for only being online a couple of months. So if you are looking for something different in social media, give RankOut a try.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
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Larry Sullivan