Technology and the automotive industry are closely intertwined, and this technology has become hugely important for motorists when shopping for vehicles. Car tech has come on leaps and bounds in recent times and there are now all kinds of incredible technologies that can enhance the driving experience by improving performance, safety and comfort.

Jaguar & In-Car Tech

Practically all automobiles now come with a range of apps that can greatly improve the vehicle. One brand that has pioneered this is Jaguar – the British manufacturer is well-known for using the latest technology to make their stylish cars even more appealing. Their latest SUV, the highly-rated E-Pace, is packed with impressive tech which helps to make this car a class-leading automobile.


The E-Pace features an excellent touchscreen central display that can be used to run various features, but it can also be used to watch TV or films and can be linked to the optional screens for rear passengers. The E-Pace also features a clever head-up display which makes it easy for the driver to know important information (like speed and directions) without taking their eyes off the road as the transparent display can be projected onto the windscreen.

Another interesting piece of technology that the auto manufacturer has incorporated is replacing the key with a wristband key similar to a watch. In addition to enabling you to access and start the car, this can also show where the car is and provide all kinds of helpful information like fuel levels.

The Future

With all of this amazing technology, it is very easy to see apps being used to control the vehicle in the near future. Autonomous vehicles are on the horizon and the technology is constantly improving, so these apps could act as a stepping stone to autonomous driving by controlling various functions whilst behind the wheel. We have started to see this with the various safety functions that can take control of the car in order to stop or reduce the damage of an accident and this looks set to continue. A lot of this tech is even available in used cars from places like Motorpoint, meaning that you don’t have to spend a fortune to benefit from it.

Technology has had an enormous impact on the automotive industry in recent times. In-car tech and apps are now a crucial part of driving and can be used to improve comfort, safety and performance. Autonomous driving will be the future and we are already beginning to see this with some of the amazing technology incorporated into modern vehicles.