Chances are if you’re living in the United States right now, you’ve probably experienced some frustration with our current president. Even if you agree with Trump’s politics, you’ve likely still had some reservations (why can’t he just stop Tweeting?). So, if you’ve ever fantasized about how lovely it would be to hit Trump upside the head, there’s a new game to the rescue! Swipe Fighter Heroes allows you to take part in a battle between Anderson Cooper and Trump – perfect for getting out all of your aggressive political feelings!

This free game (for both iOS and Android) lets you get right up in the action by setting up battles between Cooper and Trump or between cool cartoon avatars (like Vampire, Kiddo, Amazon, and Widow), if you’d actually prefer a break from politics. Swipe Fighter Heroes lets you choose your fighting style (karate, MMA, gunplay, etc.), so you can exact revenge on your enemies any way you like. You’re also treated to an awesome array of weapons to choose from – with everything from Uzis to throwing stars. Once you’ve selected those things, you can also pick your arena from eight real-life locations. Then, you can start your thrilling battle! Once you’ve gained some experience fighting your enemies (and you’ve racked up some major points), you can see your scores climb in the leaderboard – and you can even get access to awesome bonuses like defensive gear!

Want to play against someone you actually know versus a bot? You can easily challenge your friends to a battle to see which of you truly has the most impressive skills! So, you can either practice your judo-chops on Trump, or you can focus on beating your friends! Either way, you’ll be able to get out your aggression with a game that’s actually fun and exciting too.

There are a few downsides to the Swipe Fighter Heroes game (although not many). When you first start playing the game, it can seem like your opponents are way out of your league. Once you practice a little, you’ll feel more evenly matched, but this can be a little frustrating when you’re first starting out. Additionally, although the game is free to download, if you want to access all of the advanced levels and special bonuses, you will have to make some in-app purchases (which isn’t good if your bank account is running on empty). Overall, though, Swipe Fighter Heroes will help you get out your Trump frustrations and improve your fighting skills!

This game is the perfect alternative if you don’t really want to harm anyone in real life – but could still benefit from some therapeutic punches and jabs at our president! Download the Swipe Fighter Heroes game to get started karate-chopping now!


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