Those living the high life or working in a job that involves entertaining clients and travelling to a lot of meetings will know the struggle off arranging luxury transport. The Fly Victor iOS app looks to make this problem a thing of the past though, offering a quick, easy and detailed way to arrange private jet charters.

Unlike the cost of private flights, the good news is that the app itself is free. Not only that, but it also lives up to its promise of making comparing, booking and managing private jet charters easier and faster than ever before.

User Experience

Fly Victor offers a wide range of private jets from over 100 operators for organising one-way, round-trip and multi-leg private flights. One reviewer even referred to it as ‘the Uber of private jets’. Slightly more complex than booking a taxi though, the app does maker ordering the best flight simple.

First you need to set up an account and join before you can use the app, which requires a few details to be entered. From there the layout is clear with options to request or compare quotes, search empty legs flights, view your bookings, messages and further account details all from the main screen.

Packed with Information

When scrolling through the available flights you are provided with all the information required to make the right choice. Much like using the desktop website, aircraft and operators can be compared side by side, with details of their size, top speeds and more included alongside images.

Full transparency is delivered as well, with one fixed fee and no hidden costs or surcharges. Once you’ve requested a quote through the app, expect to receive an almost instant estimate; all it takes is a few swipes and clicks to book your next flight.

Overall Verdict

The traditional method of booking a private jet could be going the way of ringing up to order a taxi, given how successful the Victor Private Jet Charter app is. It really is the first app of its kind, though there are bound to be copycats emerge in the near future.

Direct access to over 7,000 private jets, instant quotes and the ability to manage, change and add more to your bookings from your phone has made ordering private jet charters more convenient than ever. Currently the app is only available for iOS but there is plenty of potential for an Android version to be developed in the future.