Role-playing games are funny. They could be fun to play as well. Or, they could be laughable, especially by gamers that haven’t been exposed to such gameplay. Here’s three interesting RPGs in the Google Play Store. A list of features for each game is provided at the end of this article.

DigimonLinks (Google Play)

Graphics: 3/5 Gameplay: 4/5 Replayability: 4/5 Enjoyability: 5/5

Overall Score: 16/20

This game takes place in a world full of fragmented data. The goal is to save the digital world with Digimon links. To do this, you have to train Digimon in the Farm. There are several areas within the Farm including the Lab. After a digimon evolves into a Rookie, they can enter battles. To increase their level, feed them meat. In battles, use Skills to win. On the battle screen, there’s an Attack button and two Skills are assigned. There are several waves of enemies in each round. This RPG is fun to play. Remember to earn digivolution fuel in battles before evolving the digimon. The battles are located in the Explore section.

What’s good about this game? The turn-based battles are easy to play.
What’s wrong with this game? Nothing. It’s perfect.

The Alchemist Code (Google Play)

Graphics: 3/5 Gameplay: 2/5 Replayability: 2/5 Enjoyability: 4/5

Overall Score: 11/20

This RPG is set in a world of alchemy. There’s an intricate story and turn-based gameplay. Some of the role-playing elements are laughable. Press the ‘End’ button to use the next character. It will take time to cycle through all the characters. One element that is noteworthy is the grid-based weapons, which affect every character within a certain area. If you die, use gems to start from the same point.

What’s good about this game? The music and story is good.
What’s wrong with this game? In battles with multiple allies, it’s difficult to identify which character is active. Also, each action has to be approved after it is selected.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (Google Play)

Graphics: 2/5 Gameplay: 2/5 Replayability: 3/5 Enjoyability: 2/5

Overall Score: 9/20

This RPG is an old-styled game with text-narration located under the scenes. The story is revealed, and an ensuing battle occurs. The main character is Rain. A companion is available to go into battle with you. The gameplay consists of turn-based action. Select a character to use when it’s your turn. To view and use the character’s powers, swipe the label left or right.

What’s good about this game? There’s an ‘auto’ button that plays the game for you.
What’s wrong with this game? The specs for each character aren’t presented well.

List of Features:

Digimon Links

  • Log-in bonuses for beginners
  • Missions – Tasks to complete – Beginner; Daily; Cumulative
  • Explore – Battles – Absolute Loyalty; Advent Quest; Normal Quest; Daily Quest
  • Solo and Co-op play
  • Selectable targets during battle
  • Multiple waves in each round
  • Attack button and two skills mapped to screen
  • Training – Several factors including food, enhance, research, ability seeding, etc.
  • Digivolve – Evolve Digimon with digivolution fuel
  • Party Formation – Create team of Digimon
  • ? menu provides information and instructions
  • Exchange
  • Facilities – Lab, Meat Field, House, Colosseum, Recruitment Notice
  • Upgrades to facilities
  • Capture – Catch Digimon for team – Rare capture; MegaFestival; Ability Medal Capture; Link Capture
  • Capture 1 digimon or capture 10 digimon at the same time
  • Field Guide – A book containing all Digimon with descriptions
  • Shop – Buy DigiStones to evolve Digimon quickly
  • News and Presents
  • Chat room
  • All icons listed in grid format under chevron symbol (right side of screen)
  • Clear Cache option
  • Transfer options – Transfer Code; Log in with Google Play; Link to Facebook Account
  • Google Play Achievements
  • Audio Settings – BGM; SE
  • Inquiry Form

The Alchemist Code

  • Detailed story and movie-like introduction
  • Story in-between battles – text dialogue boxes
  • Tap through dialogue to get to action or use ‘Skip’ button
  • Form team at start of level – choose the Leader and Mercenaries
  • Ability to move around and reach target and move away after attack
  • Map button reveals all areas to move character
  • Camera perspective button – change camera perspective
  • Optional tutorial
  • Missions
  • Character customization screen utilizes touch-caption pop-ups to describe abilities
  • Abilities – Physical attack/defense; magic attack/defense; dexterity; agility; critical; luck; combo; move; jump
  • Gear, Item, and Friends lists
  • Inviting shop screens – Anna’s Shop; Beginners’ Shop; Secret Shops; Coin; Exchange; Soul Exchange
  • Quests: Story; Event; Multiplay; Characters (Coming Soon)
  • Arena Mode and Multiplayer Mode (Coming Soon)
  • Facebook Log-in
  • Log-in bonuses
  • Sharing options – WhatsApp; LINE; Twitter

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

  • Auto button – Characters will attack automatically; can be turned on or off
  • Repeat button – Repeat actions from the last turn
  • Reset button – Reset selected actions to regular actions for each unit
  • Menu button
  • Portrait orientation
  • Status bar displays time and battery power
  • Depart screen – Select team, items, and companions
  • In-battle options – view and equip weapons and items; view achievements; view leaderboards; view missions; adjust volume; change battle effects (limit burst display; turn battle effects on/off; turn background effects on/off; continuous auto-battle options; turn auto limit burst on/off; change companion name)
  • Map with battle locations
  • Summon a vision to obtain new characters (units)
  • Friends – List; Search; Find; Request; Gifts; Share; Facebook invites
  • Units – Sell units; Awaken (unlock) abilities; Enhance units; Awaken units
  • Shop – Lapis; Slots; Lapis Inventory; Restore NRG; Bundles
  • Trophies
  • Guides for Items, Materials, Abilities, Equipment, Recipes, Units, and Monsters
  • Consecutive Log-in Rewards
  • Daily Rewards
  • Events
  • Rookie Quests
  • Daily Quests
  • Options for D-Pad
  • Game Options – Language; Account; Sound; Exploration Options; Battle Effects Options; Select Party; Automatic Protection Settings for new units; Dialogue Options; Push Notifications
  • News, hints, tutorial, and customer support
  • Mailbox
  • Event notices
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