In years gone by, playing the lottery was easy but it required you to spend some time walking from your home to the nearest casino. If you were unlucky as I was, then you had to spend a couple of bucks to and from the casino just to pick your numbers. However, technology has made it much easier to play the lottery, let’s find out how.

Online Casinos

Nowadays, there are thousands of online casinos that allow us to play our favourite lotteries regardless of your location; you just need to be eligible to play. Due to globalisation, many people are now located in foreign countries, making it difficult for them to physically enjoy the things they used to while at home. Things like playing the lottery. However, with online casinos, whether you are a US national living in Europe, Africa or any other continent you can still pick your numbers online. If you want to start enjoying this, you can just buy lottery tickets online.

In addition, the convenience does not end in picking your numbers online but it also goes so far as allowing you to view the results when they are finally published. If you have the resources and if your lottery board live broadcasts the lottery draw at its interval i.e. daily, bi-weekly, weekly or monthly, you now have the opportunity to participate in the live Lotto draw.

If you are one who likes tips and guides before picking your numbers, then you can testify to the power of online casinos. Many online casinos today offer daily or weekly guides that give you everything you need to know regarding the most picked numbers in the past week, month and so on. It also provides the probable numbers that will be picked in upcoming draws. There are also some online communities and forums that enable you to talk to and share ideas with other lotto players. In fact, you can partner with others to combine your funds and play a high amount single ticket, that way you share probable losses and/or profits.

Live Draws

Lottery boards are making huge profits today and in some way, to repay the good faith of their customers, they have partnered with mainstream media houses both television and radio where they conduct live draws to millions of viewers and listeners. This is important because it reduces the expenses on the part of the customer because he or she will no longer have to buy a newspaper or check the internet for lottery results. They simply watch the draw live.