App Name: Life of Boris: Super Slav [ Android, iOS Game]

Cost: Free

Developer: SneakyBox

App Market: Download Page


Hello, Western spy!

Is Boris! Today I want you to meet a real gopnik game for true slavs. Not some western propaganda, my friend.

I am a real Youtube celebrity much like Pewdiepie or silly NigaHiga, only much blin better. In my game you can learn the true story of Boris (is me). Play the best story mode and meet me, the shashlik King and my comrades Sergei, Anatoli, and bastard Vadim! All while listening to national music of slavs – HARDBASS by Sergei. Many secrets are hidden in the game. Even Babushka can’t find them all and Babushka knows where everything is.

Finish story mode? Fear not my two-paloski friend! You can compete in Slavonik Olympics and see just how much SLAV you are. Beat the shashlik King highscore while playing mayonez minigames. Very good with white bread and doctor sausage.

Blin, game not for everybody, but if you like troll mechanic and want to spit semechki like true slav, this game is just for you, comrade. Remember, you don’t need to be from slav country to be slav. You have to feel slav in your chest, wear 3 paloski Adidas and play Life of Boris: Superslav.

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