Do you fancy yourself as a bit of an undiscovered Jose Mourinho, Eddie Howe or Stephen Kenny? Then the new sports betting app PlaynBrag is your big opportunity to finally prove your sports knowledge prowess to the whole world (or at least your buddies)!

PlaynBrag makes it easier than ever before to connect with friends via your smartphone and place bets on football and golf action. It’s a versatile app that gives plenty of playing and betting options. You can bet on single matches in the Premier League or Champions league or on a single round of the Golf Majors. Alternatively, you can play in a league format where you accumulate points over many rounds of matches or full golf tournaments. The choice is yours.

Playing is similar in style to Fantasy Football – but with some key differences – PlaynBrag allows you to pick a team of teams, as opposed to picking your own team of individual football players. For every team on your ‘team of teams’ that wins their game you get three points and for every team that draws you get one point. When betting on a Golf Major you pick a team of individual golfers and get points at the end of each round depending on where your chosen golfers end up on the leaderboard.

Another cool feature is that you can set up private bets and leagues between you and your friends for cash, beer money or simply bragging rights. For a chance at winning a bigger pot, there are public leagues available where you play against a whole host of bet-happy strangers.

The app’s interface is super-easy to use with aesthetically pleasing graphics. The live comments section is quick and can get pretty firey with banter flying back and forth as the bets get placed and the action unfolds.

PlaynBrag is available for free from the App Store and Google Play and makes watching the week’s football and golf action even more fun and interactive than before, because it gives you a vested interest – whether it’s money, bragging rights, or most likely, both!