In the current scenario MP4 files are most commonly used. It has an industrial standard when compared to other formats. MP4 is an updated version of MPEG and it is developed by Moving Picture Expert group. WMV stands for Windows media file and it is a product from Microsoft. Most of the professionals prefer MP4 format to make further processing with the videos.

Features of MP4 format video files

MP4 video file is considered as a best format when compared to WMV. It has a better video quality and compatible features. Moreover the MP4 files handle and stores data in an effective manner to enhance transfer in a narrow bandwidth. The data can be easily transferred from one medium to another within short period of time. It can be used for further processing without much difficulty. It does not require external plug in to support external devices. The built in features enhance the compatibility. The MP4 files can be shared on any platform easily.

Systematic conversion using effective software

Wondershare video converter is a highly recommendable tool to convert WMV to MP4 with less effort. It is enough if you follow the instructions stepwise for a successful conversion process. Fewer clicks are sufficient to carry out the process. Basic computer knowledge aids you to convert the formats. Follow the below discussed steps to obtain desired results.

Step 1: You have to download the trial version of Wondershare video converter to convert WMV to MP4 format. Sign in to the official website and click the Try free button to trigger the downloading process. After a successful download carry out the installation process immediately by following the instructions displayed in the command window. Double click the Wondershare video converter icon to start the conversion task.

Step 2: Now you have to add the necessary file. Go to ‘Add Files’ tab displayed on your left side of the screen. Navigate to the folder by clicking this option. Browse the WMV file which has to be converted into MP4 file.

In the above screen shot you can witness that the screen is partitioned into two panels namely converting and converted as soon as the necessary file is added. Converting panel consist of the added file. Here in the above picture star_trails.wmv file has been added. The original WMV file can be edited for better results. You can trim, crop or add special effects according to your desire. You can bring about creative changes to the video in order to make them realistic. It is an optional feature and you can explore these tools if you are interested.

Step 3:  Now WMV file is ready to get converted into MP4 file. Go to the converted panel section and select the dropdown list beside the label ‘convert all files to’. From the dropdown list select the video label. This click in turns displays options in two panels. In the left sided panel select ‘MP4’ and in the right panel select ‘same as source’. Now the screen looks like the below snap shot.

Step 4: Now all the required settings are completed to trigger the conversion process. Click the ‘Convert’ button to begin the process. The convert button is present on your right side of the screen. Set the memory location to store the converted file using the output option in the left bottom of the screen. Locate the folder to save the desired results. You can either use the ‘convert’ button present on the right side on top of the screen or right bottom corner of the screen. The ‘convert all’ button carries out the collection of desired process for more than one file whereas the ‘convert’ button focus on a particular processing of a file.

The below screen shot displays the progress of the conversion process.

Now the WMV file has been successfully converted into MP4 file format using the Wondershare video converter. Refer the below snap shot.

The desired result is obtained without any compromises in the quality of the video.

Remarkable feature of Wondershare video converter

Wondershare video converter has powerful functions. You can make use of this effective tool to convert video files into different formats. This software supports more than 100 file formats. You can convert MPEG to MP4 easily using this innovative tool.  Edit the video files and download the streaming files using this amazing software. Make use of this tool to obtain desired results quickly. Moreover this software is very easy to handle and it can be used by every individual without any special knowledge or skills. It is enough if you follow the stepwise instructions to carry out the desired task successfully. You can also prepare a soft copy of files by using the burn CD option. Fix Meta data if required to enhance the quality of a video. You can also record the desktop activities and cast video into TV without much difficulty. Have a look at the official website of Wondershare video converter to learn mind blowing features of this effective tool.

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