There are plenty of top reasons to release an app. Whether it’s for your business or simply for fun, you can tap into a wider online demographic with an app; plus you can afford users convenience and save them a great deal of time and effort. Equally, you might be creating one just to demonstrate your skills and abilities.

However, nobody is perfect and whether you’re developing an app yourself, or you’ve hired someone in to do this for you, it’s still worth checking a few things before and during production – well before it hits the app stores.

This is because there are things that even the best developers can miss when an app is being designed and created. Here is a selection of such things that you think about and doublecheck, to help ensure you can eventually release it worry-free.

Website​ ​Integration

This is more aimed at businesses, but you’ll probably want your app to work and run alongside your existing company site and essentially enhance what it is you offer on your main website. However, before you just assume this will be a walk in the park, if you’ve got massive amounts of company and customer information, it can be quite an undertaking to make all this accessible via an app that’s running on mobiles and devices.

In short, the time and effort for this is something you’ll have to really factor in first.

Device​ ​Compatibility

Speaking of devices, you should also think about all the different devices and browsers your app might need to run on. Just because your app is successful on say one Apple device, it doesn’t mean it will run seamlessly on another. What you need to think about here is again factoring in time to test your app on many different devices and platforms.

Testing​ ​and​ ​Security

On the subject of testing, you will also need to assess the security of your apps. Ultimately there could be thousands of individuals using your app on their respective devices and if they’re sharing private data or making transactions, you don’t want to be accountable for such information being lost or stolen.

From something as basic as a coding error, to a complete lack of online security, thorough testing for any eventuality is essential before your app is ready.

App​ ​Promotion

If you’re just a humble developer, you can be forgiven for not thinking about the bigger picture when it comes to things like promoting your app. Again, this is more important for businesses, but you may want to promote your app before it comes out via the company’s social media channels, or via email to create a bit of buzz about it.

A final thing to consider here is negative feedback. If you release a second-rate, buggy app the reviews won’t be favourable and could be damaging for your business’ image and/or your personal reputation. So, make sure you consider the above and then you’ll be in a better position to get your app on the markets without a hitch.