Break time is a time for refueling, relaxing, and maybe even indulging in a spot of well-deserved reclining (office hammocks are all the rage in Silicon Valley this year!). But while your body is getting some much-needed rest from the grind of labor, it can be nice to keep your mind active and entertained. Relaxation does not have to mean boredom – this is where all the hot new apps come in! There are a plethora of exciting apps on the market at the moment that are sure to keep even the choosiest app-connoisseurs out there totally enthralled and entertained while they wait for the ‘back to work’ horn to toot.

Here are 3 apps that are sure to keep you busy on your work break.

Be a Canny Card-Shark With a Round or Two of Romme Strategy is the name of the game here. Oh and perhaps a little bit of speed, and attention, and skill! OK, OK Romme is, in fact, a game for brainy people! You need to be cleverer and faster than your opponent to win at this fun card laying contest. Romme is one of the most popular games of the Rummy family. You can play against between one and three opponents, and you can even make bets, so winning a few dollars, or at least some bragging rights, is well and truly on the cards (pun intended!) while you chill out on your work break. “So, who’s turn is it to (digitally) deal?!”

Increase Your Happiness and Decrease Your Stress With 10 Minutes of Personal Zen If your job is stressful and negative vibes are wafting around the office and stinking the place out, then playing Personal Zen (in which you simply ‘approve of’ the friendly blue sprite faces that appear on your screen and ‘disapprove of’ the angry sprite faces that float past) for even a few minutes is scientifically proven to help you to destress and focus on life’s positives again. How nice!

If it’s Dopamine You’re After… Look No Further Than GameTwist! Perhaps not an app per say, but if you just want to bathe your tired brain in delightful dopamine for the duration of your work break, then is the place for you. This website is an all-in-one online casino, so no matter what your fancy, you’ll find it here: if you’re an avid card shark, play beautiful bingo or if you just love the sound of slots then your work break needn’t look any further.