To work efficiently, you must use the right digital tools. Having an app that displays your financial dashboard or can show your travelling schedule can stop you from scrambling for information from hundreds of emails in your mailbox.

Triplt – Travel Organizer (Android, iOS)

This is the ideal app for those who travel a lot. The app makes it simple to plan and share travel schedules particularly for those who travel weekly. When you get confirmation mails from the companies you book with, you are required to forward them to [email protected].

This app can identify reservations from more than three thousand booking websites including restaurants, shows and voyages. You may share travel plans via LinkedIn contacts, Facebook and email. You may have booked a flight or a reservation with a car rental service and then decide to look casino reviews to pass time. But you get carried away with a game and forget about your booking. Triplt will remind you about your scheduled travel.

Office Mobile for Office 365 subscribers(Android, iOS)

This app is expensive but if you use Microsoft office often, the price is worth it. The app makes creation and modifying of documents more convenient through syncing in the cloud via several devices. It is compatible with Windows phone, iOS and Android.

The app can access, view and modify documents on Powerpoint, Excel and Word while on the go. The documents resemble the sources because it supports graphics, animations and charts. When you modify a document, the content and formatting will not be affected. Cloud sharing takes place through SharePoint, SkyDrive and SkyDrivePro.

Square Register (Android, iOS)

This app allows users to manage their businesses from any location through accepting credit cards with the help of free point of sale tools and a free card reader. The app takes 2.75% cut for main credit cards with no merchant accounts and hidden costs. The money from swiped payments gets deposited in the bank within one to two working days.

Cisco WebEx meetings (Android, iOS)

This app is available on Blackberry, iOS and Android. It allows having meetings from anywhere and through it; you can enter any web conference via two-way video and a camera switcher.

Unlike in other video conferencing methods, files can be shared to a meeting place in WebEx. A presentation can be pitched or numbers can be discussed from an Excel spreadsheet while video chatting with others.

Dropbox (Android, iOS)

With this app, you will automatically all your files including those from free no deposit casino mobile synced once you modify them. The app offers free 2GB storage. You can receive up to 3 GB additional free storage space through syncing videos and photos automatically with it.

Any referral you make with a free account earns you 50 MB to 15GB. Pro accounts with more space are also available. They are sold for between $8.25  to $41.60 per month. Dropbox is compatible with Blackberry, iOS and Android.


There are so many other useful apps but those are the most important ones for most types of businesses. So if you are struggling to improve in business, get these apps. With the right apps, you will streamline your business activities and you will save a lot of time and money.