(Ad Feature) Which is the best RC car game that you’ve ever played? Well, mine is Need for Speed, a car racing game for both Android and iOS. The game changes and adapts with every new version. It’s been a realistic car racer, police chase simulator and surprisingly even an action movie running on wheels!

What makes Need for Speed my best choice? I recently sat down with John from rcrank.com and gave him my expert reviews on the game. Of course, we both had a lot to talk about, but here, I’ll try to keep it short!

Amazing Graphics!

Although the game is far from perfect, it’s truly exceptional. It has jaw-dropping visuals and adrenaline-pumping sounds which you can customize as you like. It gives you an added sense of ownership as you can change different parts of the car to suit your tastes. It’s more than just grabbing the flashiest and fastest car available.

As I was playing the game, the speed of the cars completely blew my mind. I got goosebumps and chills all over just from seeing the cars moving at such a terrifying speed!

It’s More Than Just an RC Game!

I also loved the live acting scenes, fantastic dialogue, and fist bumps which give a more realistic feel of the match. Weirdly though, there’s no scene which takes place in the cars. They all start with a character arriving at the scene and ends with another person leaving. In between, I was treated to almost 30 seconds of an amazing conversation.

The crew of racers grew on me. I learned to embrace their friendly and warm corniness even though I’d not yet gotten the main story idea. Just like any typical action movie, the villain further improved my interest in the game. Of course, you can choose to skip this scene if you find that it goes on for too long.

The Setting of Need for Speed

The game is set in an open modeled world of Los Angeles with four central boroughs and many subsections. I enjoyed the steep switchbacks, urban corridors, and tangled highways. It’s also full of event markers which I chose to tackle in any order eventually giving the entire campaign a more casual feel. Somehow, I found myself coming back to a few of these areas, but the attention to detail, variety and the total believability makes the city perfect for any car chase or race!

Rich Variety of Vehicles

Other than the civilian vehicles and police cars, which by the way, I enjoyed outrunning, the game still has a larger range of vehicles. I was taken through a selection of cars such as Porches, Lamborghinis, and Ferraris. I went on to change the color and design to one which I felt suited my gaming tastes. However, you should remember that this is a game that’s based on street racing.

I expect the game to keep on improving and changing its features like it has continued to do over the years. Who knows? Maybe some of the awesome rock crawler reviews might finally see them add the feature. All in all, this is a fascinating car racing game. It’s not just meant for children as its modern gaming graphics and features have a more adult feel!