During this new age we consider “Modern Times,” making money is an essential need for anyone who wishes to lead a life of plenty. Being in the business of making money may mean a person sticks in one location for long periods at a time as one’s job may require them to do. Constant technological advancements have been able to help solve this problem, and people can now work from home or while on the move wherever they want to be as Nomad freelancers.

In this article, we review some key apps that provide trading platforms, right after we demystify some key aspects any good trading platform will supply.

Several ways of online trade got invented over the recent years. Online trading makes use of trading platforms available to bring together investors and traders, and buy or sell various available instruments of trade, such as bonds, stocks, etc.

A trading/market platform is a software with which traders and investors can start, close and handle their market roles. These platforms are regularly provided by agents optionally for free or even at a small price rate in return for keeping a financed consideration or making a specific sum of deals every 30 days. Frequently, many trading platforms will integrate market research software as well, whereby traders and investors can graph the markets and screen stock trends.

Currency trading platform. A type of forex dealing system used to help forex traders with forex dealing analysis and trade performance. Forex trading systems provide maps and methods of taking orders. As with selling systems used for dealing other securities such as stocks or futures trading, most platforms differ significantly and vary in cost as well.

Now let us have a look at some of the top available platforms where you can take trading online.


Robinhood allows investors to carry out stock trading with zero commission fee. While more knowledgeable investors may be doubtful about the convenience of the app and the beginners’ offers it draws, there is no doubting that it is a market leader. Released in 2014, Robinhood’s focus on the market is young people of investors with a typical age of about 26 years old, 25% of whom are first-time investors.

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade Mobile

Offers clients several programs for tracking the marketplace and making deals. TD Ameritrade Mobile Investor allows the trading of stocks, options, futures trading and currency trading. Investors can keep the record of the information through incorporated live sources from several CNBC local programs and a financial reporting service.

With having access to extensive research components, traders of all levels benefit from the company’s features. Customers using the app can talk to other dealers and get to know about the future activities through an interactive industry calendar.


StockTouch is an unusual source that allows people to notice the stock return in live conjunction with a user-friendly production of the commercial information. Stocks appear by the alphabet, by size, by market investment, by amount benefits and by amount. Customers can concentrate to get the information about a particular stock and its regular performance or touch anywhere on display to get more knowledge of market designs on companies and areas. Heat maps, colour coded, help clients track the industry’s changes and trends.

The app got shut down for a couple of weeks without an official reason but became available in the App Store again at the end of September 2016. The system is only available for users of The apple company devices.


CMC Markets many years of extensive experience are instantly apparent in its award-winning ‘Next Generation’ trade system. For customers, both institutional and individual, who value to control and availability, the firm’s customisable system supplies all you would need and more. It is the result of 20 years of functional expertise and provides a high-level set of functions and abilities too long for this here article.

Cellular phone applications complete the program. All have obtained market prices for their capacity and high rated conventions for development. The company also utilises the market’s best methods to protect your private information and transactional information, e.g. the latest encryption technology.

Out of 10, these apps could see each edge above 8. With technology improvements, there is no telling how much more advancements these apps have on the way, like how much more types of trading they will support. All we can do is wait.