Windows Phone might not be as popular as Android and iOS, but it still comes with some cool features which makes it a top choice for many people. It’s clean, minimal visual design; sleek touch and excellent interface are some of the things that endear it to a small but loyal following, especially among business folks. But even more interesting is the large suite of apps that is provided by Microsoft, some of which come bundled together with the device.

Just like Google Play and Play Store, the Windows Store also offers a lot of mobile apps you can easily download either for business or pleasure. But how can you ensure you are running the best apps on your device?

In order to help you decide what to download, we have compiled a list of the most peculiar mobile apps currently available on the Windows Store. And with so much expectation from the soon coming release, Elite X3, there’s no better time to get acquainted with this apps than now.


1Password is a very popular security app now available on Windows Store as 1Password. It is basically used to encrypt passwords for accounts on your mobile. This protects your password directory from intrusion by a third party and makes it possible for you to quickly look them up in case you forget any.

Compared to 1Password, the improved version on windows is faster and comes with a better user interface. Interestingly, the app is free, which means you can get it straight away just like gamers who wish to try free casino games.

Adobe PhotoShop Express

If you don’t have Adobe PhotoShop Express on your device, then you are yet to use the best photo editing software freely available on Windows Store.

Just like other impressive digital photography apps, Adobe PhotoShop Express comes with a lot of tools to help you transform your pictures into wonderful stunning images.

With this app, there is no limit to how creative you can get, even if you don’t know much about photography.


Who doesn’t know about the fastest growing chatting apps in the world. Whatsapp makes mobile messaging a whole lot simpler and easier. No set up hassle. Just verify your phone number and get hooked with friends and family on your contact. You can message for free, call for free, share videos, documents and pictures for free, and even advertise for free.


Since Skype is a product of Microsoft, it is no surprise the app is also popular on the Windows phone. The app is unarguable the favorite for video conversations especially among business folks because of its ability to connect more than two people at once. You can also use it for personal and group chats. Options are also available for sharing pictures, documents, videos and other files.

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is a free app on Windows that is used to view PDF files in your phone directory as well as those connected with your email accounts. You can also convert and share files with business colleagues and friends.

Office Lens

Do you want to transform you Window’s phone camera into a pocket scanner? OfficeLens will help you achieve that. With this app, you can capture receipts, notes on whiteboards, and documents, and turn them into readable files like PDFs, PowerPoint, and Office doc. This amazing part of it all is that the app is completely free!

There are definitely other peculiar apps that were not mentioned here, especially games. Check out the top 10 online casino if you are looking for something in the game genre. Meanwhile, hope you enjoyed the quick list.