The past couple of years have marked a significant boom in the evolution and development of smartphone applications. From the most helpful and innovative ones, to the funniest yet less useful, each of extremely large variety of apps currently available in the Play Store presents its own degree of ingenuity. While it is quite easy to spot the most entertaining ones, recent surveys and statistics have finally revealed the most useful applications for Android operating systems, of 2017.

10. The Tiny Flashlight

As long as your phone is camera equipped, this incredibly easy to use app will use it for an extremely bright flashlight. It is the best and most simple flashlight application so far, and it might always come in handy at those late hours, when the sun has set.

9. InsWall- Wallpapers

While there are those who will argue on the utility of wallpapers, InsWall is definitely the most complete app of this sorts. With an improved TintWall, and even better Wallpaper Editor and numerous Customization modes, InsWall grants easy and free access to an ocean of hi-res wallpapers, which can also be customized.

8. FlashScore

Football fans and sports aficionados from all over the world finally have a reason to rejoice. FlashScore will keep anybody up to date with the latest news in sports via Live text commentary, also allowing users to monitor the selected events literarily second by second.

7. Greenify

Greenify is the first application that can help users save autonomy time when the battery levels are running extremely low. Simple yet highly efficient, this application can immediately stop all the processes and applications running on a phone, until the moment a charging source is available. The application has to be set carefully though, as it can also turn off anything from Prime Slots casino review up to alarms.

6. Clean Master Phone Boost

Clean Master Phone Boost is the number one app that optimizes the Android operating system. Besides cleaning any type of residual files or memory space from the phone, this app can also increase the speed at which mobile games are running, support and run an anti-virus program and also help users manage and transfer files.

5. Retrica

For all the users that are passionate about photography and mostly selfie shots, Retrica will apply real-time filters for virtually any occasion. With an impeccable Video capacity, as well as the possibility of converting videos to GIF, plus Doodle & Text embedded and extremely easy sharing options, Retrica has proven the most complete and innovative photo app this year.

4. Waze

Even the most experienced drivers out there have to agree on the extremely reliable and useful abilities of this revolutionary navigation system. Besides its extremely accurate GPS function, Waze focuses a great deal on the community, allowing drivers to report accidents, possible dangers on the road as well as police filters which are being updated in real time alerting the other drivers as well.

3. GPHY.All the GIFS

GPHY can easily be considered the largest GIF library ever. Eliminating the frustrating time spent to search for GIFs, this app will not only make it extremely easier for users to search and upload one, but also to share them on any preferred media channel.

2. Always on AMOLED

This one is quite interesting as those who own Android operating devices with AMOLED screens will now have the possibility of choosing a portion of the display to stay permanently on, no matter what, while displaying essential information at the same time.

1. Google Trips

Google Trips comes to the rescue to all those too busy to plan a vacation. An entire vacation can be planned, booked and initiated with just a few clicks, and the best part is that the app can also work offline. Filled with suggestions, possible daily plans and in charge of the reservations, Google Trips is the fastest and most precise vacation planning program so far.

These have been the most acclaimed and used apps of the year and, and while some of them are still in beta stage, far more releases are being developed in parallel, making the future of mobile device applications extremely hard to predict and definitely interesting to witness.