App Name: 8 Or Bust [Android Game]

Cost: Free

Developer: Siddbetter Technologies

App Market: Download Page


The game combines Number and Maths into it. You can Add Numbers by (Top to Bottom move), Subtract Numbers (Bottom to Top Move) or Switch.

The goal is to collect animal in the Hat by clearing out numbers below it. Catch Maximum Animals as possible. Current Max is 62.

So the game combines Candy Crush + 2048 + Tetris into becoming a unique, super-fun thinking game.

Siddbetter’s “8 or Bust” teaches you:

-Simple rules of using adding/subtracting numbers to reach numbers in line.
-Pattern recognition of match-3 with same numbers/color.
-It teaches you concept of even/odd numbers because when the odd number starts appearing the game gets more challenging.
-It makes the player think of complements of number to identify quickly the add/subtract compatible numbers.
-The patterns can be horizontal/vertical.
-It makes you think ahead of your steps so that you can achieve the better pattern.
-It requires concentration to be able to find patterns.
-Foremost, it provides you a goal of catching as many cute animals like cats, dogs, butterflies…
-You compete with your friends for a spot in Leaderboard.