If you can’t find a game worth playing in the App Store, wait a few weeks and there will be three games that might be worth your time. One is a MMORPG and another is a military strategy game. The third game is a side-scrolling platformer.


This is a 2D MMORPG set on a battlefield filled with monsters. It is expected to be playable on several platforms when it is released including iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, and OS X. Several players can take part in battle at the same time. In the multiplayer mode, there’s a red team and a blue team that competes against each other. Use awesome weapons that complement the character’s skills to win. Here’s a summary of features:

  • HTML 5
  • Weapons-based skill tree
  • Real time multiplayer gameplay
  • Team vs Team gameplay
  • No boundaries


This is a real time grand strategy game that takes place during modern events and includes countries that are at war. It is expected to be available on iOS on July 20 and on Android on July 27. It will cost $5.99. The goal is global domination through any means necessary including diplomatic skills, military force, and economic dominance. Here’s more info:

  • Choose any country to lead
  • Various game scenarios
  • Modify the political system and adjust relationships with other countries
  • Deal with internal and external affairs including natural disasters, terrorism, and financial crisis


On July 18, this side-scrolling platformer will be available on iOS and Windows 10 devices. Android users can expect add-ons including sound effects, an extended storyline, and enhanced graphics for the world map. This game is free to play on iOS, but there is a $1.99 in-app purchase that removes ads. The Windows Store version costs $1.99. Here’s a list of features:

  • 30 levels and 4, 2D side-scrolling worlds
  • Dangerous obstacles on each level
  • Two heroes (bunnies) to choose from: Pauli or Gemmi
  • Unlockable achievements
  • Customizable game controls

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Vasanth Simon