App Name: CAAARGH! A Memory Racing Game (iOS Game)

Cost: Free

Developer: Alpha Delta Games

App Market: Download Page


Caaargh is a memory game that looks like a racing game. It was inspired by moments in the original Micro Machines games of the 90s, in particular being in the lead in a multiplayer race and not being able to see the track ahead. It’s based on that particular moment of stress, but with added dice.

It’s a game where you crash a lot, learn from your mistakes and try to remember the numbers you see on the dice. To win at Caaargh you need to keep your cool while racing blind. It needs a special state of zen in a game that’s named after the frustration it will cause you.

There’s a campaign with 186 levels to beat, along with survival game modes, a track of the day and even a mode to generate your own tracks from things like your name.

Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan