There are several fishing games in the app store. Some are first-person fishing games, while others are third-person fishing games. Check out the features and the best/worst part of each game.

Ace Fishing Wild Catch

This is a fishing game that features a fishing boat, a fishing pole, and open waters. The player’s view is of the ocean and fishing rod. It’s similar to a first-person-shooter, but you are stationary. There’s a cast and reel button that throws the fishing line into the water. After a fish bites it, reel it in.


  •  Cast and reel button
  • Reel line indicator(tightness)
  • Fishing Store with a selection of fishing rods and accessories
  • Tutorial and Skill Practice Room
  • Friend requests through HIVE
  • Cool Fish Tank home page wallpaper/tank – several are available
  • Chat messaging, inbox
  • Quests, Achievements, Milestones
  • Fish List – list of each fish at each beach to catch

What’s good about this game? Graphics and fish tanks
What’s wrong with this game? Yanking mechanic and fight with fish to reel it in – it’s not a good style.

Fishing Hook

This is another first-person fishing game. Throw the fishing line into the sea and wait for a fish to bite it. Afterward, reel it in. If the tension is too high, the line will snap, and the fish will go free. At this point, attempt to yank the fish back with the ‘strike’ option, which isn’t clearly described in the tutorial. To make the game more realistic, use the vibration option.


  • Immersive environments
  • Easy line throwing mechanic
  • Pause button
  • Store
  • Different game maps and fish tanks
  • Share option for fish tanks (social media, email)
  • Collectable treasures for each chapter
  • Achievements
  • Leaderboards – World Ranking and Multiplayer Ranking

What’s good about this game? Immersive environments and graphics
What’s wrong with this game? Striking feature – no clear directions

Rapala Fishing – Daily Catch

This is a third-person fishing game with touchscreen aiming. Instead of pressing the screen, drag your finger across the screen to target a spot for the fishing line. Then, swipe the screen again to throw the line. The game changes to an underwater, first-person view. The goal is to reel-in a fish after it has bitten the bait. Swipe downward and hold the screen to reel-in the fish.


  •  Reel line length bar at top of screen
  • Touchscreen bait control
  • Store – lures, lines, rods, etc.
  • Map of lakes
  • Records – list of fish caught
  • Ticker displaying game rules and info
  • Cloud saving with Facebook
  • Character customization
  • Casting practice and tutorial
  • Quests and Achievements
  • Leaderboard

What’s good about this game? Underwater view
What’s wrong with this game? Bait attraction mechanic – too active

Let’s Fish: Sport Fishing Game

You could sit in the office all afternoon playing this game. The sound effects create the perfect mood for fishing. It’s easier to reel-in fishes in this game than the previous games. The best way to do this is by releasing your hold on the cast button before the tension bar maxes out, and then press it again.


  • Realistic sound effects – water splashing, frogs, owls, etc.
  • Trophy board with recently caught fishes
  • Information board with cool info
  • Store
  • Map with fishing locations across Europe
  • Tutorials
  • Fishing Clubs
  • Event

What’s good about this game? Sound effects
What’s wrong with this game? Nothing

Bass Fishing 3D

In this game, you can ride a boat and use sonar to locate fish. Cast a line as close as possible to the fish, then reel the bait along the water until the fish bites. You can choose the weather and time of day to fish. There’s tournaments and challenges.


  • Well-made outline describing each step to catch fish
  • Controllable bait
  • Fish-bait camera view
  • Online tournament
  • In-game tournament
  • Timed challenges – 60 levels
  • Leaderboard

What’s good about this game? Nothing
What’s wrong with this game? Bad music

The best game is… Lets Fish: Sport Fishing Game. This game sets the mood perfectly for fishing. This is due to the various animal sounds in the game. You can take your time and catch several pounds of fish in each level, then move on to the next fishing location. The trophy board is a nice addition as well.

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Vasanth Simon