It’s time to play golf on the smartphone. There’s hundreds of golf games designed for the Android operating system. Five of them are listed below. There’s a description for each and a list of features. Find out what is good and bad about each game, and check out my choice for the best game.

Super Stickman Golf

In this game, you play as a stick figure trying to play golf. Hit the ball toward the hole. Each course allows a different number of swings that you can take to reach par. There’s practice rounds and a campaign mode. You can expect different types of courses in each round.


  • Increasing and decreasing golf swing strength meter
  • Aiming arrows for hitting the ball in a certain direction
  • Mulligan shot
  • Pause button

What’s good about this game? It’s easy to hit the ball with varying power.
What’s wrong with this game? Nothing

Flick Golf! Free

The goal in this game is to swipe the screen as accurately as possible so that the ball goes toward the hole. The initial swing is easy, but when the ball is in the air, you have to swipe the screen several times to direct the ball toward the hole. If you are lucky, you might get a backspin bonus.


  • Immersive course introduction
  • Swipe swings
  • Ability to direct the ball in the air by swiping
  • Several game modes – Quickshot, Missions, World Tour, and Eliminator

What’s good about this game? Awesome graphics
What’s wrong with this game? The secondary air swipes isn’t a good game element.

Golf Championship

Play a round or two in the countryside in Golf Championship. This game features a boy waiting at the tee. The goal is to select the right type of driver or putter and the correct swing angle and power to reach the hole. It’s challenging to play. Use the distance to the hole and wind speed to make the right decision.


  • Selectable golf clubs and balls
  • Varying swing power
  • Wind and distance information

What’s good about this game? The drivers and clubs are labeled with yardage info
What’s wrong with this game? Confusing swing mechanic

Golf Valley

This golf game has informative course cards and a well-design ball camera that shows the flight of the ball after it is hit. At the start of the game, select a player and your clubs. To hit the ball, quickly swipe the screen down and up. The goal is to swipe to the power level you need to send the ball the right distance.


  • Map showing all course locations
  • Helpful on-screen yardage info for drives and putts
  • Bird’s Eye View lets you see the entire golf course and add a waypoint
  • Pause button

What’s good about this game? Well-designed map and cool golf courses
What’s wrong with this game? Nothing

Nice Shot Golf

This game has an interesting story revolving around privileged teenagers playing at a golf course. You can create a character and play a round of golf. This game has a cheerful theme. There’s also a helpful tutorial that introduces the various gameplay elements.


  • Two modes – stage mode and PvP mode
  • Daily and weekly challenges
  • Facebook integration – invite friends
  • Chat messaging

What’s good about this game? Story updates in-between golf games
What’s wrong with this game? Swing power gauge is too fast

The best game is…Golf Valley. This is the ideal golf game. It has the perfect golf ambiance. The map is well-designed, and the course cards have all the details. You can spend several minutes studying the layout. The golf courses are great to explore as well with Bird’s Eye View. Finally, it’s easy to swing and hit the ball.

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