There are hundreds of game worlds you can visit on the smartphone. This list features five that are worth checking out. There’s open landscapes, distant galaxies, and underwater worlds to explore in these games. The features of each game are provided, along with the best and worst aspects of the game.

Tropical Island Survivor 3D

This is an open world game where the weather changes and the days pass by. The goal is to survive on the jungle island by crafting items (fishing pole, stone ax, campfire, etc.). There’s also a store where you can buy supplies (wood, stone, scrap, and fiber). Fishing is one way to acquire food.


  • Jungle island setting
  • Directional joystick
  • Punch and jump buttons
  • Map
  • Inventory screen
  • Crafting screen for weapons, tools, medicine, and shelter
  • Supply store

What’s good about this game? Crafting and day/night environments
What’s wrong with this game? Supplies cost gold coins

Winter Exploration: Lite 3D

This game takes place in a vast winter expanse. There are trees in the distance and wild deer. You are armed with an ax, but there are other items you can craft. All you need is metal and wood. Search the area to find them. The directional joystick is hidden; place your finger on the lower left side of the screen to reveal it.


  • Vast expanse to explore
  • On-screen directional pad and camera angle joystick
  • Multiple buttons including jump, weapon switch, pick-up item, and backpack
  • Pause button

What’s good about this game? It looks great.
What’s wrong with this game? It’s hard to find resources.

Echoes: Deep-sea Exploration

In this game, you can explore the oceans in a submarine. The best way to navigate through the dark ocean is with sonar. If you crash into walls, the submarine will sustain damages. Avoid crashing by using the sonar button. The goal is to reach a checkpoint. Consult the map to find its location.


  • Large navigation joystick
  • Sonar button
  • Music with the right mood
  • Checkpoints
  • Several levels to play

What’s good about this game? The sonar feature. It’s well-designed.
What’s wrong with this game? The submarine is too slow.

OPUS: The Day We Found Earth

This is a space exploration game. The goal is to find a planet similar to Earth. It’s easy to scan the universe and pinpoint a planet to explore. Just swipe across the screen to view a different section of the galaxy. After finding a suitable planet, you can name it. Some of the characteristics that the game uses to match similar planets include radius, mass, temperature, and water.


  • Interesting story with characters
  • Touch scanning
  • Helpful direction arrows
  • Lock-on targeting
  • Good soundtrack
  • Save option – save game to cloud
  • Varying difficulty
  • Achievements
  • Leaderboards

What’s good about this game? Story is combined with space exploration.
What’s wrong with this game? Nothing


In this game, you play a wandering trekker traveling through an open forest, with mountains and a lake on the horizon. You can explore the area and get used to the controls. You are armed with several tools including a wooden ax. You also have fire and rocks.


  • Open landscape to explore
  • On-screen directional pad and camera perspective
  • Run and jump buttons
  • Action button for tools (ax, spear, etc.)

What’s good about this game? Open landscape
What’s wrong with this game? Faded icons and lack of directions

The best game is…OPUS: The Day We Found Earth. This is the perfect exploration game. You can search for planets while following the storyline. You can also compete with other players by checking the leaderboard. Another gameplay element to look forward to is achievements. There are several challenges to complete.