Ball-rolling isn’t that interesting, but there are a few games that make this type of gameplay worth playing. They take advantage of the open world setting by using it as the perfect backdrop for tracks. Other games use additional game elements besides ball-rolling to enhance the gaming experience.

Ball Coaster 3D Roller Dash

There are six types of ball-rolling games in this game. In the first one, a ball rolls on a winding coaster. It may appear that this game plays itself, but if you aren’t paying attention, the ball will roll off the track and the game will end. Tilt the phone side-to-side to keep the ball on the track. You can increase the speed of the ball and slow it down with on-screen arrow buttons. The goal is to reach the finish line.

The second type of game involves avoiding blocks as the ball rolls on a flat surface. There are different controls for this. Another game involves collecting coins in an enclosed space, while avoiding other rolling balls. There are two jumping mode, where the ball jumps over obstacles. In the last mode, the player has a paddle to play with and the goal is to hit a bouncing ball onto a wall.


  • Tilt motion controls
  • On-screen speed and direction arrows
  • Joystick and paddle control elements
  • Double jump button
  • Pause button

What’s good about this game? Different types of game modes and open environments
What’s wrong with this game? Paddle mode is not responsive enough to hit ball continuously.

Rolling Ball

This game takes place in space. There’s a long track with 90 degree turns. The goal is to guide a ball from the starting point to the finish. Swipe the screen to move the ball forward. Turning around the corners is the hard part. The best way to do this is to swipe the screen sideways rapidly.


  • Long track with 90 degree turns
  • Obstacles and items on track
  • Touchscreen swipe controls
  • Checkpoints
  • Pause button

What’s good about this game? Glowing checkpoints that light the way
What’s wrong with this game? No tilt motion control

Roll Balls Into A Hole

In this game, there’s a wooden board and a black hole. The goal is to guide balls into the black hole by tilting the phone. The balls will roll back and forth and side to side. The best phone orientation for this game is landscape. It’s easy to move the balls into the hole by tilting the phone.


  • Tilt motion controls
  • Easy and hard levels
  • Labyrinth mode
  • Customizable settings (ball speed, ball color, hole speed, borders, screen orientation)

What’s good about this game? Labyrinth mode – it’s an interesting gaming experience
What’s wrong with this game? Nothing

Balance Ball 3D – Sky Worlds

In this game, there’s a joystick that controls a ball. Use it to guide the ball through a jungle that is suspended in the air. There are crystals and protective upgrades that give the ball more power. There’s a shield, a fireball, and magnetic force.


  • On-screen joystick
  • Informative waypoints
  • Collectable crystals
  • Magic powers – shield, fireball, and magnetism
  • Well-designed obstacles

What’s good about this game? It’s an interesting world filled with dynamic things.
What’s wrong with this game? Joystick controls aren’t perfect

Roll the Ball – Slide Puzzle

This is a different type of ball-rolling game. The goal is to move puzzle pieces into place so that a ball can roll through a gameboard. There’s a pipe outline that has to be constructed. There are four game modes and a multiplayer mode. You can play against other players online.


  • Moveable pieces similar to jigsaw puzzle
  • Undo and restart buttons lets you start over
  • Several game modes – Star, Classic, Moving, Rotation
  • Multiplayer mode

What’s good about this game? You can compete against other players online.
What’s wrong with this game? Not enough ball-rolling

The best game is…Balance Ball 3D – Sky Worlds. This game has so many elements that it’s more than a ball-rolling game. But the game progresses only if the player accurately guides the ball past obstacles, over ledges, and around winding curves. Springboards are available, so are brilliantly placed traps. The lush green environment is another reason to get this game.