There’s lots of motorcycle games in the app store. Here’s five that are worth checking out. There’s a list of features for each game and an informative summary that includes helpful tips for playing. The best and worst parts of the game are provided as well.

Bike Race

The first thing you notice about this game is the catchy tune on the title screen. It sets the mood nicely. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last. The first level in this motorcycle game is set in the desert, and there’s a thin track with gaps and loops. The goal is to stay upright on the course, which isn’t easy. The best way to play is to accelerate through the whole level by pressing the right side of the screen and occasionally lifting the finger when the track becomes challenging. Don’t forget to tilt the phone downward to avoid falling backwards.


  • Tilt motion controls
  • Touch screen controls
  • Pause button
  • Zoom-out button that reveals the whole course
  • Best-time ghost player on screen
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Achievements
  • Friends invites and chat messaging

What’s good about this game? Zoom-out button that reveals course
What’s bad about this game? Courses with un-passable portions

Bike Racing 3D

This game has everything including 3D environments that are designed well. There are challenging obstacles to ride over including tires and planks. Use the lean back and pop-a-wheelie button to ride over these obstacles. There’s also a jump button which helps in certain situations. Along the way, collect coins.


  • Checkpoints
  • Acceleration and brake buttons
  • Nitro acceleration button
  • Hop, lean, and pop-a-wheelie buttons
  • Pause button
  • Button guide
  • Tilt motion option available
  • Tutorial, Career, and Garage modes

What’s good about this game? Well-designed 3D environments
What’s bad about this game? Leaning feature leads to crashes

Moto Attack 3D

This could be the Road Rash of smartphones. In Moto Attack 3D, you can punch and kick your way to victory. There are three modes. In the Timed Mode, you have to race to the finish as fast as possible while fending off other riders. If you don’t maneuver quickly enough, you’ll get knocked off the bike and lose your position.

There are checkpoints in Knockout Mode. A counter displays the distance to the next one. The timer is replenished at each checkpoint. Along the way, obstacles in the middle of the road block the rider’s path. Go left or right to avoid them. In Endless Mode, travel as far as you can before getting knocked off the bike.


  • 3 modes – Endless, Knockout, Time Mode
  • Tilt motion controls
  • Punch and kick buttons
  • Pop-a-wheelie button and extreme acceleration button
  • Pause button

What’s good about this game? It’s challenging. Avoiding getting knocked off the bike is a good game mechanic.
What’s bad about this game? Slow punch and kick button response times

Motorcycle Driving

This is a first-person view motorcycle game. The highway and surrounding environment looks great. You can maneuver in and out of traffic and travel in the opposite lane. Accelerate to make the game more death-defying. The crashes will leave their mark.


  • Acceleration and braking grip icons
  • Tilt motion steering
  • Leaderboard
  • Several bikes to choose from

What’s good about this game? Extremely fast riding in traffic
What’s bad about this game? Nothing

Real Bike Racing

This is a racing game that takes place on a race track. There are two control options for steering: tilt motion and touchscreen buttons. Touchscreen button control is better. Race around the track and try to get the best position. You’ll start in 6th place.


  • On-screen acceleration and brake icons
  • On-screen joystick for steering
  • On-screen rear-view mirror
  • Several bikes to choose from
  • Push notifications

What’s good about this game? Impressive race track
What’s bad about this game? The starting line is too slow.

The best game is… Motorcycle Driving. This game is awesome. You can ride as fast as you want through traffic. It has on-screen acceleration and brake grips that are easy to use and responsive. The first-person view adds to the realism of the game.