The touchscreen was meant for slicing. Here’s a list of games that utilize the swipe gesture for slicing. You will get to slice fruits, boards, ice, and various pictures. After downloading these games, your smartphone will become a cutting board.


In this game, there’s a board with marbles. The goal is to slice the board without hitting the marbles. It may take several slices before you succeed. If you hit the marble, the game ends. Each level has different slicing requirements.


  • Two game modes: challenge and arcade
  • Timer counts how long it takes to finish level
  • Sharing options via social media

What’s good about this game? Slicing has to be precise so that the marbles aren’t hit.

What’s wrong with this game? The slicing directions aren’t clear.

50 50

This is a slicing game that requires the player to slice objects in equal proportions. The closer you get to 50/50, the higher your score will be. Stars are awarded for each level. The goal is gain as many stars as possible.


  • Several categories of objects to slice (shapes, animals, ink blots, etc.)
  • Two game modes: arcade and endurance
  • Leaderboards
  • Powerups and stars can be bought

What’s good about this game? Nice layout

What’s wrong with this game? The slices have to be exactly 50/50.

Epic Fruit Slice

There are different types of slicing games in Epic Fruit Slice. In the timed mode, you have to slice as many fruits as you can in the allotted time. In pipeline mode, the goal is to slice fruits that are displayed on top of the screen. In the one-shot mode, the goal is to slice two fruits with one slice. The target fruits are displayed on top of the screen.


  • Several game modes: classic, pipeline, time, and one-shot
  • Pause button
  • Time and fruit counter

What’s good about this game? You can quickly slice several fruits by dragging your thumb back and forth across the screen.

What’s wrong with this game? Annoying hand prompts that direct you

Slice Ice

In this game, the player has to slice a chunk of ice into pieces without hitting the penguins. The goal is to fill a glass with ice. If the penguins are too active, there are several modifiers you can activate to alter their movements. Each stage gets more challenging.


  • Flexible swiping interaction that allows curved and wavy slicing
  • Achievements
  • Modifiers that can be purchased in the store; they make the game more playable
  • Pause button

What’s good about this game? Easy slicing

What’s wrong with this game? Nothing

The Best Game Is…

Slice Ice. It has great slicing mechanics and slicing animations. Filling a glass with ice by slicing a floating chunk of ice is a great idea. It’s easy to play and anyone can win by using modifiers.