There are several new games in the app store this month. The mobile games developer Nekki has finally released their vision of hand-held soccer for smartphones. There’s a new 2D fighting game and a spaceship design game. Check out the descriptions and videos covering these games. There are links to the app stores as well.

11X11: Football Manager (iOS, Android)

This is a soccer game for smartphones developed by Nekki. You can create a team by buying players, and you can make them better by training them to use tactics that win games. You can play against opponents from around the world in online tournaments. Your home city can be renovated with new stadiums, training grounds, club shops, offices, restaurants, and hotels. Here’s a list of more features:

  • Single player and multi-player modes
  • Real-world opponents and virtual opponents
  • No wait time for matches; start a match instantly
  • 11X11 transfer market consisting of the best players
  • Watch matches in real time and manage team tactics
  • Tactical substitutions
  • Join football unions
  • PvP matches with medals and cups

Cube Knight (iOS, Android)

This is a shooting game with a medieval theme that also incorporates RPG elements. It features 3D voxel graphics. You can be a Knight of the Round Table, archers, or magicians. The first character you will play as is Guinevere. The weapon system is unique. Just aim in the direction you want to attack, and the weapons will be effective. Here are more details:

  • Melee weapons, swords, and fire
  • Joystick controls with top-down perspective
  • Boss battles with time limit
  • Card-based leveling system
  • Popular characters include King Arthur, Lancelot, and Morgan Le Fay
  • Coliseum Mode features 8 respawn locations

Fatal Fight (iOS, Android, Windows)

This is a 2D fighting game with seven different locations and 70 levels. It is located in the Fang Kingdom after conflict between the different martial arts schools. It is considered a ‘beat em up’ game. Tap the screen repeatedly to fight off enemies. There isn’t a time limit. You may have melee weapons or you might not have any weapons. You can play offline. There’s an events box which displays the latest bonuses and gifts. There’s leaderboards as well. Here’s compatibility info for this game:

  • Phones and tablets
  • ARM and x86 devices
  • Cloud saves with Google Play or Facebook accounts

Spaceship Battles (iOS, Android)

This game takes place around 4,000 AD in space. You are a spaceship designer in the Spaceship Arena. This is a multiplayer game requiring strategy and featuring evolving game content. There are dozens of blueprints for different spaceships. The goal is to unlock them and build the spaceship. There are different modules to work with. You can compete against other players and their designs. Here’s more interesting information about this game:

  • Created by Epic Owl
  • In-game art and promo art completed by HeroCraft
  • HeroCraft also improved the in-game balance, optimized UX, and added Google Play Game features
  • Localized in five languages

Vasanth Simon

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Vasanth Simon