If you like cats, these games might interest you. It’s the latest collection of smartphone games. There’s a farm-simulator, a side-scrolling platformer, and a strategy game. Browse through the descriptions and check out the YouTube videos for each game.

Plantera (iOS, Android)

This is a side-scrolling farm simulator. The goal is to build gardens. Add bushes, trees, and plants. You can also add animals. Let them roam freely on the land. As the garden increases in size, trade some of the plants for gold. Gold can be used to increase the size of the garden. Here are more details:

  • Blue creatures called Helpers aid the player in finding resources and raising gold
  • New types of flora and fauna at higher levels of the game
  • Hens and pigs are some of the animals available
  • Get a guard dog to protect the farm from foxes, birds, wolves, and bunnies. There’s scarecrows as well.

Super Cat Bros (iOS, Android)

Play as a cat in this side-scrolling, platformer. There are six cats to choose from. The goal is to collects coins and make your way through a level. There are 50 levels in total. Explore the mysterious island and find your missing siblings. You can run, jump, swim, and climb. This game has cartoonish graphics and hidden secrets. Check the leaderboard to see who has the best score. Here’s more details:

  • Easy to use touchscreen controls
  • Tap left or right side of screen to control the character
  • Cute pixel graphics

Cats Empire (iOS, Android)

This is a strategy game consisting of quests and entertaining boss fights. The goal is to build a tribe of cats and compete against other tribes. Take their fish and charms. You can upgrade their skills to be more effective. By cross-breeding your cats, you can create super cats. There are boss fights and new areas to explore in this game. Here’s a list of additional features:

  • Compete against tribes worldwide
  • Develop effective strategies and tactics to be successful
  • Global leaderboard
  • Play anytime, anywhere on mobile or desktop


Vasanth Simon

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Vasanth Simon