Are you having trouble designing your website? You might be struggling to work with bulky templates, find yourself fighting default photo editing systems, and wondering how you can make your website look better with a limited skill set. Fortunately, website development and design is easier than ever, and you can do a lot of it on your smartphone. Check out these four apps to improve the look and feel of your website so you can draw more readers in.


Do you want an amazing website but don’t have the experience and knowledge to code it? Blocs is a Mac app that allows users to quickly design and launch their websites to their audiences.

Blocs was created with the user in mind. It’s made to be useful for people who need websites but don’t have the ability to create them. By experimenting with your design options and testing its features, you should be able to find almost anything your website needs to succeed (and more). The latest version of Blocs is $79.99, but that’s still significantly cheaper than most web developers would charge to build a website for you, and it can be used on two MacOS devices.

There are alternatives that non-Mac users can test, like Website Builder for Android, Weebly, and Jimdo. These offer similar options for various prices and upgrades.

Real Colors

This app is a palette color generator that uses whatever photos you take with the 12MP dual-pixel camera on your Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. This way, you only have to worry about inspiration while Real Colors creates the perfect palette for your website. It’s challenging to choose your own colors that match your inspiration and look good together, so this app will assemble five colors that you can use based on the photos you take. It will also save the names and numbers of those colors so you can reference them later in your design. This will give your website a unified look and solid brand.

Save this app for when you decide to create a logo, or as a way to save your logo colors and use them on other parts of your website. You never know when you will need your brand palette. Real Colors is free, but the full-function Pro version costs $3.99.

Photo Editor Pro

You can have the most compelling content on the internet, but your audience is going to judge your website first by the images you use. If you’ve included stretched and grainy photos, then you could be sending a bad message about your website. You should strive to publish high-quality images that draw readers in and make them curious about your site.

Photo Editor Pro is a free app and a great place to start when it comes to adding a professional touch to your images. There’s a one-tap auto enhance feature, multiple photo filters, fun stickers, frames, and even a meme generator. With just a few taps on your smartphone screen, you’re sure to have high-quality photos that make your website stand out.

Designapp Graphic Design

Once you have the basics of photo editing under your belt, it’s time to get more advanced with graphic design. Tools like Designapp Graphic Design are more user-friendly than Photoshop and allow you to really make images and drawings right from your phone. This free app is great if you want to create a personalized logo that makes you stand out against other websites.

Designapp has 10,000 royalty-free graphic design elements and 600 special font styles. You can experiment with existing logo templates or design one of your own. Instead of paying a designer to come up with a logo, why not test this app to see if you can create what you want. Even if it’s not perfect, you will have an idea of what you want when you do hand over your draft to a graphic designer.

No one has the website of their dreams the first time they launch. Many people keep upgrading and developing their website for years after its initial debut. Even if your website doesn’t look perfect today, you can use these apps to improve it tomorrow. Soon you’ll be wowing clients, friends, and associates with your designs.