App Name: Defense Zone 3 [Android Game]

Cost: Free

Developer: Artem Kotov

App Market: Download Page


Defense Zone 3 presents the same game mechanism: hordes of enemies rush to a player’s headquarters wave by wave trying to devastate defenses whatever it takes. The goal of a player is to stop incoming armies by rising impenetrable defenses. Winning the game requires a lot of planning and decision making as well as fast-paced activity, and this combination makes Defense Zone series truly unique.

In the new version, along with time-tested turrets and rocket launchers, a player can install some new fearsome weapons too. When the situation on the battlefield becomes really hot, a player can call for special abilities such as Air Strike or Nuclear Bomb that literally clear off the enemies in just one massive blow. Plus, new turret control options allow a player to target specific enemies and guard the base more efficiently.

Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan