The case or screen protector that you choose for your iPhone speaks volumes about not only your aesthetic taste but also how wary you are of any damage that it might be subjected to. Some people want something that leans more towards style, while others want a balance between practicality and protective capability. There are a significant number who also want, as much as possible, to keep their precious phones away from harm so they opt to settle for nothing less than maximum protection. Regardless of what case you want for your iPhone, we have opted to list down six that could most assuredly satisfy everyone’s needs and preferences.

Anker ToughShell Airshock Protective Clear Case

People who love transparent cases present arguable reasons why they always choose these kinds of cases. After all, some of us simply like to be able to keep an iPhone 7’s natural style without adding too much design and bulk. This case does just that without sacrificing its primary purpose: to protect your smartphone from scratches and cracks that form from falls or other types of impacts. It does this with its unique raised edges as well as its AirShock technology that gives great shock-absorption.

Tech21 Evo Tactical Extreme Edition

Besides providing two-sided protection for you phone, this case also takes the liberty to add a belt clip, which can more than makes up for the added size that it gives to your phone. The feature, after all, lets you fit your phone easier to your belt, making it more amenable to be placed there than in your pocket. It boasts of being able to safeguard your smartphone even if it falls from a maximum height of 4 meters, thanks to its thick wrap-around case that could absorb impact efficiently.

Sena Wallet Book

If you want a case that takes convenience to the next level, then you should opt for this wallet case for your iPhone. It doubles as a wallet where you can place all your valuables (money, credit cards, etc.) and gives your phone the protection it needs not only for its screen but also the sides and angles that are commonly at risk of suffering from scratches and other forms of damage. Its eye-pleasing design and safeguarding capabilities hinge primarily on its Heritage leather make-up.

AutoHeal Screen Protector by Just Mobile

Aptly named, this screen protector (made of tempered glass) actually brings a truly innovative technology to the table. It is able to “heal” itself by being able to self-repair any scratches that your screen might get. It has been proven to be sturdy enough to mitigate impacts from various falls, grazes, and scrapes. With that said, this is perfect for users who really want to not only ensure that their screen protector is doing its job but also keeps it scratch-free in the long run.

Bulletproof Screen Protector

What could provide better warding from damage than a screen protector that could stop a bullet in its tracks? While this screen protector’s name could partially be considered as hyperbole, you can really rest assured that if you want a screen protector that offers the best damage-mitigation for your phone, then this is your best bet. It is able to achieve near-perfect protection because of its high-quality tempered glass, as evidenced by this products lifetime warranty.

ZAGG InvisibleShield Screen Protector with HDX Display

Without a doubt, a lot of users would be readily impressed by this case’s rather high-tech sounding name. Well this is no surprise at all, since the InvisibleShield technology is actually used by the military. This screen protector is able to withstand damage and keep your screen free from dirt and dust, without being too conspicuous. And, it does all this without compromising the screen’s display. Indeed, what could be cooler than having a military-grade screen protector for your phone?

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