There are several new games in the app store that are set in the air or in space. One game features air-to-air combat, while another game features air strikes. If you like games that involve collecting and upgrading items in a space setting, there’s one on this list. Check out the trailers for each game. There are links to the app stores as well.

Retro Shooting (iOS, Android)

This is a casual flight shooter with 3D voxel graphics. There are 15 levels. The game features several fighter planes and there are challenges that add value to the game. There’s a final boss to fight as well (3 bosses). The game is localized in 10 languages. Here’s a couple more features to look forward to:

  • Game Center and Infinite Mode let you compete with friends for higher rankings
  • Tablet support

Click and Conquer: Space Age (iOS)

This game takes place in space and the goal is to mine galaxies for resources and ships. At the start of the game, you have one ship. Eventually, you will have enough ships to make a squadron. There are several upgrades and skills for each ship. You can also collect technologies such as extraction bots that automatically tap the screen for you. Tapping is the only way to play this game.

War Wings (Android)

This is an air combat game and an MMO. It features real-time, online PvP (4 vs 4) and 3D graphics. There are three flying modes including motion, d-pad controls, and virtual stick. The player has to learn several flying maneuvers to be successful including Split S, Immelmann Turn, and Barrel Roll. There are 70 authentic, WW2-era planes to choose from. Here’s more features:

  • Damage from combat appears on planes
  • Several game modes including Daily Challenges, PvP Seasons, single-session multiplayer
  • Daily rewards and perks for in-game goals

Defense Zone 3 (Android)

This is a tower defense game. The goal is to defend a tower from invading enemies by building defenses. A lot of planning and decision making is required to win. There’s fast-paced activity as well. The combination makes this game unlike most tower defense games. Here’s a list of additional features:

  • Time-tested turrets
  • Rocket launchers
  • Air strikes and nuclear bombs
  • Target specific enemies

Vasanth Simon

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Vasanth Simon