There are several new games in the app stores. See if they are worth downloading by consulting this handy list. It contains a description, video trailer, and links to the app store.

Keep Rolling (iOS)

This is an endless roller game. The goal is to stay on a zig-zag-shaped ledge by turning right and left. There are 25 roller pieces to play with. Your score is recorded on a global leaderboard. There’s an option to share screenshots of dramatic moments in the game. To play Keep Rolling, all you have to do is tap and hold the screen to turn right and release the screen to turn left. Press the screen again to turn right. Repeat the process over and over for as long as you can.

Silicon Valley Billionaires (Android, iOS)

This is a business-oriented game where the player hires employees and buys other companies to increase the size of their company. Their buildings also increase in size. Silicon Valley is the setting for this game. There are several startups that will attract your investments.

The graphics are poor, but there is one screen that is well-made – the stock list. It features a list of stocks you own and stocks you can buy. You can also sell stocks on this screen. Here’s more features:

  • Stack office space
  • Upgrade interiors
  • Hire, fire, educate, promote, or send employees on vacation

Totem Forge (iOS)

This is a turn-based puzzle game that involves matching similar gems on a game board. The goal is to remove the gems of the game board. The gems are in several columns and there are gold nuggets in the way. As you play, golems enter the board, blocking your moves. Counter their moves by evolving magic totems. If the board fills up completely, you’ll lose points. Here’s more features:

  • Fireballs are available to increase the value of gems, destroy golems, and destroy gold nuggets. You can also knock gems loose and move them into adjacent rows.
  • Magnet that grabs gems and puts them into gem deck
  • Activate Pullers to attract all the gems in a row to the source
  • Expansive combos


Juggernaut Champions (iOS, Android)

This is an idle RPG set in the world of Haradan – a place where the Juggernauts rule. This is a continuation of the Juggernaut series on the smartphone. There are new characters and tough enemies including samurais, boar-riding thugs, and ninjas. The game can be played by tapping the screen. A single tap defeats oncoming enemies. Here’s a list of additional features:

  • Combine spells
  • Assemble a team of heroes
  • Play offline
  • Smooth animations and great graphics
  • Invite friends
  • PvP tournaments

Vasanth Simon

I am a freelance writer writing about everything including games. Check out my game listings for smartphones at AppReviewCentral. I own a Samsung Galaxy J3.

Vasanth Simon