There are several new universes to explore in the latest smartphone games. There’s a massive multiplayer online (MMO) game that takes place in a fantasy world filled with shamans, warriors, and mages. There’s also a space-based game with lots of drama and a survival game that challenges your decision-making skills. In this article, you’ll find links to the app stores, a video, and a list of features for each game.

Arcane Online (Android, iOS)

This is a MMO with warriors, shaman, and mages. There’s an innovative auto-play feature that lets you relax and watch the action unfold. Also, mounts are available; use them to cross the vast world of Eldine quickly. Here’s the rest of the features:

  • Online PvP system lets you play against players from around the world
  • Join guilds and take part in battles against other guilds
  • Weekly Siege War allows 5 guilds and 150 players in real time
  • Compete for legacy items in Arena, PvP Battlegrounds, Guild Wars, and free open world PK
  • Questline for level cap and end-game content is available
  • Level up characters – Mage, Shaman, or Warrior
  • Craft avatar and gear
  • Collect, feed, and train mounts
  • Online chat available

Space Warrior: The Origin (Android, iOS)

Space is the setting for this game. There’s lots of drama, plus one-button auto-fire. You can customize your ship in a couple of ways. Go into battle with a heavily armored dreadnaught or an agile starfighter. There are models in between. You’ll need the most powerful ship available to defeat the bosses. Here’s more information about this game:

  • 3 unlockable ships
  • 11 upgrades
  • 3 different weapon types
  • 9 story missions
  • 30 hours of gameplay
  • 9 massive bosses
  • High resolution 3D graphics

Final Fortress – Idle Survival (Android, iOS)

This is a survival game designed to enhance decision making instead of fostering skinner-box addiction mechanics. The player can choose two paths to play: stay and build a tower, or gather your things and leave with survivors. One of the first things to do is collect gas. Once you have enough, trade it to rebuild your fortress. Then, kill zombies by tapping the screen. A variety of rewards become available as a result of defeating a horde of zombies. Collect them. Next, spin the wheel for an opportunity to earn gems, gas, and upgrades. Here what else you can do in this game:

  • Build your resources
  • Level up rooms
  • Automate your survival
  • Gain a radioactive yolo boost that supercharges your character for hours
  • Find survivors