There are four new games in the app store. Read about them below. This article includes a description of the game, a list of features, and a video showing the game in action. There are links to the app store as well.

MAXIOH Dimensional Defender (Android)

This is a 2D shooter with aliens. It is made with pixel art and chiptune music. Players can customize ships with powerups. The ultimate goal is to build a MAXIOH, which is a high performance battle mecha. There a leaderboard and achievements. See where you rank among the best players in the world. You can also play the game several times to collect all the achievements. Here’s more information about the game:

  • Classic 80s arcade theme
  • Multiplier up items
  • Defend the galaxy against hordes of aliens

Raccoon Escape (Android)

In this game, a raccoon tries to escape the fiery depths of a prison. It is a fast-paced runner that’s challenging to play. The game has cartoonish graphics and animations. Here’s more features to look forward to in this game:

  • Touchscreen gears that hoist the raccoon skyward
  • Lots of powerups
  • Dozens of unlockables to wear
  • Leaderboard and achievements

Slide Circus (Android, iOS)

This is a puzzle app with 90 artworks ready to be assembled. You can also create a puzzle from your own image and share it with others. There’s an artificial creation tool as well that creates unlimited new puzzles using an artistic procedural software plugin. Here’s the rest of the features in this game:

  • Color filters and surface modifications
  • Unique trap tiles
  • Unlimited levels
  • Achievements and leaderboards
  • Free updates

The Witching Hour (iOS)

This is a puzzle-adventure game filled with witches, ghosts, demons, and black magic. Here are the details:

  • 30 levels
  • 3 different game worlds
  • Touch and tap controls
  • Scary graphics
  • Spooky sounds and music
  • Global leaderboards

This game was developed by Neon Alien Studios. It is compatible with iOS 6.0 or later.

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Larry Sullivan