App Name: MirriM. [iOS App]

Cost: Free

Developer: Jubin Antony Joseph

App Market: Download Page


In this game, the player has to move to the green spot by looking at the mirror image of the actual path. This might seem a simple concept, but it is really challenging when you play the game.

The game begins with a simple test to analyze the System 2 capacity of the player. Based on their progress in the test, they will be directed to a specific set of tutorial levels, from which they will learn the basics of the game. In the tutorials, the players have the flexibility to reduce level difficulty. After training from the tutorials, they will start playing the real challenging levels.


– 3 simple numeric questions to test your capacity
– 40 challenging levels to enjoy
– 10 tough levels to lose patience
– 27 challenges to complete and compete with friends

Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan