There are several new games in the app store worth mentioning. One is a fast-paced autorunner that leaves you dazed. Another is a fighting/battle game that looks like an out-dated Nintendo game. There’s also an awesome armored car game featuring acrobatic flips, cool turns, and powerful weapons that take out enemy vehicles. See what else is in the app store.

Don’t Be Squared (Android, iOS)

This is a side-scrolling/autorunner with several levels including ‘Run and Dash Through Jungle’, ‘Roll On the Sands of Tropico’, ‘Get to the Volcano Core,’ and ‘Play Safe in the Temple.’ It is a busy game with sound effects designed to keep you entertained. There are several characters to choose from including Pengu, Ninja McDuck, Spikes, and Short Round. There’s also a cast of sidekicks and several types of enemies. Here’s more details:

  • Draw clouds to cross expanses
  • One-finger tap and swipe control
  • Power-ups and extra lives cost extra
  • Compete against friends for high score

Combo Quest 2 (iOS)

This game has old Nintendo graphics and pop-up points that are displayed during gameplay. Here are the details:

  • Time-tap RPG combat mechanics
  • 20 Heroes including magical golems, speedy ninjas, sharp-shooting gunslingers
  • Item customization
  • Companions join the fight as well (robots, dragons, lions, and a chef)
  • Upgrade heroes and items
  • 90 challenging levels

The story picks up from the first game. The Knight returns to his kingdom only to find it is infested with evil. He sets out to recruit allies to defend the land from the outsiders. The gameplay features devastating combos.

Auto Warriors (iOS)

This game features awesome vehicles, weapons, and large cities to drive through. Here are the details:

  • Turn-based action strategy
  • Overhead view arming
  • Vehicle to vehicle missiles
  • Explosive vehicle combat
  • Awesome car flips
  • Customized vehicles
  • Play against players from around the world
  • 150 single player levels
  • Dealer Challenge and Mechanic Challenge offers daily events
  • Unique cinematic replay system lets you capture and share gameplay

The game takes place in an alternative reality where a nuclear explosion has shaped society. The towns are ruled by despotic barons. The cars and technology reflect the 1980s.

Warspear Online (Android, iOS)

This is a free MMORPG. In it, you can choose your side and create a guild. There’s a huge world to explore. Here’s what to expect:

  • Exciting story line
  • Thousands of dangerous monsters
  • Opposing alliances
  • Massive battles between players
  • Take part in raids
  • Real-time MMORPG

The game takes place in the mystical world of Borea. There’s main holiday quest that players can take part in. It involves the Dragon’s ritual. Play the game to learn about it. Other adventures to take part in include traveling through the Time Rift, exploring the Horror Circus, and fighting the Joker.

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Vasanth Simon