Holy cow, Pokémon Go is on fire!  If you have be online at all over the last week or so, then you have undoubtedly heard of this game. So are you playing it? Yes I am. It is pretty fun and my kids like it  too. I am in the process of putting my review together; I thought I would take a few minutes and pull together some of the many posts out there on the game.

There are a ton of posts and all on a variety of topics/issues/hints/etc on the game. It would be hard to keep up with them all and even after this post is published, more will come out. So this post can be thought of a quick snapshot of where Pokémon Go is today.

Overall the game is enjoyable, and hopefully not that stressful. I like seeing people out and about but yes they are still glued to their electronic devices.

So here are the stories I found interesting and tried to group them today.


The story behind ‘Pokémon Go’s’ impressive mapping

Nintendo shares skyrocket by 24% thanks to Pokémon Go

Of course criminals are using Pokémon Go to mug people


Pokemon Go already bigger than Tinder, soon to surpass Twitter



How to play Pokemon Go (and everything else you need to know)

Five things you should do first in Pokemon Go

How to request removal of a Gym or PokéStop in Pokémon Go

Pokemon GO secrets – 10 things you didn’t know

8 ‘Pokémon Go’ tricks that’ll help you become a Pokémon master

You Should Probably Check Your Pokémon Go Privacy Settings


Funny/Current Events:

Police mistakenly identify three Pokémon Go players as drug dealers

The 15 weirdest places people have caught ’em all in ‘Pokémon Go’

‘Pokémon Go’ fans take over downtown Sydney in search of Pikachu

‘Pokémon Go’ is getting people outside and injuring them

Of course criminals are using Pokémon Go to mug people

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