Here’s a list of new games in the app store. Take part in space battles and build bases on remote asteroids. If space isn’t that interesting to you, check out the ground-based battle games in this list. These feature tanks and various heroes, but the games are cartoonish and mythical. There’s also a fast-paced vertically-scrolling game with exciting, firework-like effects.

Astro Lords: Oort Cloud (Android, iOS)

Colonize Oort Cloud in this cool-looking, multi-platform MMO strategy space game. Develop technologies, build asteroid bases, and defend your domain. Play against other players. Here are more details about the game:

  • Persistent game universe
  • 3D strategy with real-time combat management during space battles
  • Construct factories and mines
  • Design space ships
  • Trade with other players
  • The accounts are the same for all players regardless of platform
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, PC (Windows, MacOS, Linux), Steam, and Web browsers with Utility plug-in
  • Free-to-play

Battleplans (iOS)

Battleplans is a real-time strategy game with uniquely styled visuals. Tactical movements and the positioning of units are the focus of this game. During battles, units can be moved in real-time. Here are more details:

  • Separate phases for offensive and defensive planning
  • Hero-specific special abilities
  • 11 heroes
  • Real-world opponents
  • Design sinister traps and fake-outs
  • Replay videos of each attack

For more information and a look at the game in action, visit the Battleplans website.

Entite Synapse Runner (Android)

This is a vertically scrolling, arcade-styled game that requires the player to connect the dots while collecting points and avoiding traps. Here’s a list of features:

  • Teleportation portals that transport the player to another part of the level
  • Bombs, disappearing paths, mirrored movements
  • 100 levels
  • Bonus levels

Monster Sweeperz (Android, iOS)

This game has cartoonish tanks and cannons. The goal is to repel waves of monsters. Here’s the details:

  • 400 Sweeperz
  • 100 stages
  • Customize teams and tanks before each battle
  • Upgrade, evolve, and add more firepower
  • Play with friends


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Vasanth Simon