Fixt is an app for on-demand mobile device repair services that allows you to schedule “repair delivery” just like how you order take-outs. Within a few taps, you can have a skilled local technician sent to your location and fix your broken device in typically under 20 minutes.
Here are the basic steps:
  1. Sign up using your cell phone number
  2. System auto-detects the model and make of your smart devices
  3. Choose “what’s broken”: screen; home button; lock button; volume buttons; camera; battery; water damage
  4. Specify a location so the system can locate a technician nearest to you; or you can find an in-network shop close by
  5. Schedule a time when you’d like to have your repairs done
  6. Input your credit card information and submit order
The old process of finding a repair shop, making your way there, and waiting in line for service is an unbearable hassle, let alone the costs. Fixt has a robust network of skilled, pre-vetted technicians located across the country to offer convenient mobile repair solutions at a fraction of the standard cost. Before you place your order, Fixt also shows you a guaranteed maximum price to help you navigate the costs.
This is a free app that supports both iOS and Android devices. Download here:
Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan