When the world ends, games get better. There are several that embrace the post apocalyptic theme, and they feature new worlds that are just as immersive. The following list is filled with survival games. Some have zombies, while others pit you against nature.


Before this game starts, you are prompted to turn the sound on. That’s never a good sign, but the immersive noises set the mood nicely. Survive provides you with choices when you play the game. It’s about survival, and the decisions you make will determine whether you live or die. You have food, inventory, the option to travel, the option to forage, the option to set up a fire, and several other actions. After the car breaks down, you have to hike through the forest and find civilization. Keep an eye on the distance counter which tells you how far away safety is. Your condition is also displayed on screen. Keep track of hydration, stamina, and energy. Drink, eat, and forage to survive.

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Total Armageddon Lost Shelter

A helpful tutorial greets you at the start of this game. It takes place in a war zone. Move the character with the on-screen directional pad and collect items, such as weapons. There’s a scavenger mode that lets you roam around a farm and collect items. Use the arrow icons to pan the camera. The rest of this game makes no sense. There’s a garage full of flashing items which display a lot of information. If you have all day to learn a game, try this one.

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Three faces await you in the foreground of this game. The background features a spooky farm town with scarecrows and old houses. A PDA reveals the situation on day 1: not enough food or water. Each character needs something to survive. Everyone survives day 2. Day 3 was the last day I checked before quitting this game.

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The Walking Dead: The Road to Survival

In this game, zombies called walkers attack survivors. The survivors also have to deal with the Governor and his men. Take turns firing at the enemies. This game features dialogue and drawings similar to a comic book to move the story forward. After the initial moments of the game, the story goes back in time by 10 months. Start building the town and recruit survivors.

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Buried Town

This game looks great thanks to the contrast. The goal is to travel to a small town and search for supplies. The gameplay consists of tapping on options. Select locations and actions. The scene is displayed after each selection. It is similar to a comic book scene. As the action unfolds, a description is texted on-screen. For example, in a gas station, there’s a fight with a zombie. The screen reads, ‘A punch is thrown.’ When you go to the supermarket it reads, ‘You decided to go to the supermarket.’ It’s original and interesting.

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The Best Game Is…

Survive. The setting is great, and the gameplay isn’t that bad. Choose the best course based on your perspective. The icons are drawn well, and the sound is just right. This is the perfect game to save and play later. The survival trek through the forest will take a few play throughs to complete.