It’s about to be a very exciting time for superhero fanatics. The last 15 years have been filled with exciting adaptations of popular comic characters in film and on TV, but there’s a chance 2016 winds up being the biggest year of all for the genre. Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Captain America: Civil War, and X-Men: Apocalypse will dominate the box office this spring; Doctor Strange and Suicide Squad are on the way in the summer; Deadpool was already a huge success; and soon we’ll see the second season of Marvel’s fantastic Daredevil show uploaded to Netflix. There’s just a lot going on.

If all of that has you in a superhero frame of mind this year, then you may be looking for other forms of superhero entertainment as you wait for the next film. And you’re in luck! By now there are dozens of gaming apps out there that bring the same characters we’ve come to love in film to life at the the tips of our fingers. These are some of the ones worth checking out.

LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes (Android, iOS)


Warner Bros’ mobile games have done a great job of adapting a number of popular characters and films, from Star Wars, Harry Potter, and numerous superhero franchises. LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes isn’t related to one film (or really even series) in particular, but it’s nevertheless among the best of the Warner Bros. apps. Packed with the charm and humor we’ve come to expect from LEGO video games and movies, it’s a very satisfying mobile adventure including 80-plus recognizable characters.

Uncanny X-Men: Days Of Future Past (Android, iOS)


Perhaps we’ll get a new X-Men game when Apocalypse comes out, but in the meantime Uncanny X-Men: Days Of Future Past was a brilliant mobile experience loosely tied to the Days Of Future Past film that came out in 2014. Designed by Gigataur, this game is an action-packed side-scrolling adventure complete with a number of satisfying puzzle-solving aspects. It’s very visually appealing thanks to a combination of comic-style graphics and 3D renderings, and players will love the chance to embody numerous favorite X-Men.

Gala Mobile


The mobile games from Gala Casino aren’t strictly superhero-related, but the selection of jackpot and slot offerings includes a very appealing mix of Marvel titles for those superhero fans who also enjoy casino gaming. In particular, a jackpot game based on the Hulk is a nice option given that the character hasn’t been the subject of many worthwhile games on his own. But Gala also hosts games related to characters like Iron Man and Black Widow, as well as some borderline superheroes who aren’t related to Marvel or DC, such as Judge Dredd, Beowulf, and the Transformers.


Man Of Steel (Android, iOS)


Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel movie was met with mixed reviews, but this app—another from Warner Bros.’ impressive lineup—is a great example of how a film-based game can actually be better than the film. Yes, it’s somewhat limited as a mobile game, but in appearance and gameplay it feels more like a console adventure. As Superman, you can fly around as you please, battle with iconic bad guys, unlock new suits, and enjoy pretty terrific 3D graphics.

Kabam’s Contest Of Champions (Android, iOS)


In a way, this distinctly Marvel game feels more like a Kabam invention to experienced app gamers. Kabam’s collection of games features a number of impressive titles, and the scope and style of them has become pretty familiar over time. But this is the only one to feature dozens of Marvel characters in a virtually limitless brawler format. It’s arguably Kabam’s best game. There are a lot of incentives for in-app purchases, which may annoy some players, but there’s also a ton of opportunity for advancement, collection of new heroes, etc. The game has also become noteworthy for its social components.