If you liked the first article on AppReviewCentral featuring fighting games, you’ll like this one. It features a new list of fighting games that includes an arcade style one-on-one fighting game, a stick figure fighting game, and an animated fighting game that features graphics on par with current console games. Read on to find out more.

Smash Champs

Begin by training your fighter and then challenge an opponent to a match. Most of the time you will be swiping at the screen randomly, either to launch tennis balls during training, or to land punches during a match. The game has awesome graphics, but has a cartoonish theme.

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Bladelords: The Fighting Game

Bladelords is a good sword fighting game. In fact, it is one of the best looking smartphone fighting game I have seen. It’s on par with most console fighting games. It plays equally well. You can block with the direction pad and use special attacks with a single button. Attack high and low. In between matches, upgrade weapons and check messages.

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Stickman Warriors

In this game you play as a stick figure that is very agile. It can bounce around the screen in any direction. Your opponent can as well. Time attacks with the on-screen directional pad. You won’t have much luck though. It’s an unique game that is unlike anything you’ll see.

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Beyond Fighting 2: Undead

If you want an arcade fighting game, try Beyond Fighting 2: Undead. It features arcade inspired music, arcade styled character selection menus, and arcade style controls. Selecting a character and getting to the match takes a while and might be impossible for some. It is poorly designed. The fighting screen isn’t that bad. Expect a large directional pad, four on-screen buttons, energy bars for each character, and flying credits that appear for each move or combo landed.

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Steel Fighters Avengers

One more fighting game to consider is Steel Fighters Avengers. This game has an oddly designed 3D environment to play in. The characters are slow and the matches aren’t smooth. This is mostly due to the fact that it is hard to land a punch or kick. One of the on-screen buttons delivers a special attack which is the most effective move. This game is called Fighting Game Steel Avengers on Google Play.

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If I were to download one game from this list, I would select Bladelords: The Fighting Game. The action is smooth, it’s easy to do special attacks, and you can block in this game.

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Vasanth Simon